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Rick D RIP

rick d behind the bar

Photo from Philadelphia City Paper’s First Look at Tritone

I’m shocked to even type this. Just found out through Paul Dellevigne that Rick D co-owner of Tritone passed away from a heart attack just a few hours ago.

I’ve known Rick D for over a decade, first as a music journo, back when he booked The Firenze, JC Dobbs, and Upstairs at Nick’s. He was an early supporter and adopter of all kinds of punk bands, most famously booking Green Day at Dobbs pre-Dookie. He also ran a label called Black Hole and was in a band called the Newbyles. He probably has a history pre-bar scene, but someone older and wiser than me should fill in the gaps.

As a promoter, he’s been a big supporter of all of my endeavors: Plain Parade, Sugar Town, etc.

He had a big punk rock heart, a great sense of humor, and a love of all genres of music. He wore a leather vest like no one else. Some of my fave Rick D sayings: “They call it Drag City cause it’s a draaaaaaaaaaag.” “If you wanna make money get a day job.” “That band can’t even draw a picture in this town.”

This is a loss for me and an even bigger loss for the Philadelphia music scene. Truly the end of an era. A plate of pierogies and a special will never be the same.

I’m sorry if this sounds cheesy. I really don’t know what else to say.

If anyone has any memories or info they want to leave in the comments, fire away. Or if you prefer: sarasherrATgmailDOTcom

UPDATE: A tribute from Punky Mama


April 7, 2007 at 11:10 pm 2 comments

What I Really Hate…

sing it sister

Image from Article8

…When you’re trying to hail a cab, and stupid suburban motorists think that you’re waving at them. I mean, it’s obvious to any city dweller what the universal symbol is for “I need a cab.” Last night at the corner of 4th and South, some stupid bitch screeched from the backseat of a car, “Help, a tranny’s directing traffic!” While it’s somewhat flattering to be confused with a queen, I’m not tall enough and I lack an Adam’s apple or at least a strong jaw. Everyone knows a girl working the streets would not tastefully pair her Dickies dress with a sweater and black tights. At least be accurate with your insults, “Help, your roots are showing!” Thank God that the black men of Philadelphia know that I am all woman. I’ll be hearing about it more in the warmer months.

March 23, 2007 at 12:49 pm 2 comments

It’s like punk rock, only it’s a car!


My inner journalist is weeping, but my inner capitalist is saying yes.

Also, if you look at that picture, dude is never allowed to call me pasty ever again. I think I’m at least a shade darker than him and that’s saying a lot.

Unrelated: I just realized that Jeremy Davies, one of my imaginary boyfriends from the 90s, was in that wretched Subaru ad. My heart is breaking even worse than when he grows a mountain man beard and stops bathing for one of his quirky roles.

But then again, what do I know? I’m stuck in the 90s. Selling out is the new black!

UPDATE: Upon further reflection, I think he did it to piss everyone off. That’s his main motivation, and of course, to get big bucks, car and a free trip and cool stuff for the weekend. Because, you know, life is not Fugazi, etc. Seriously, though, who’s life really is Fugazi? Maybe Joey’s more like Bikini Kill than he realizes: “The you I sell show to you is just a lie” “I eat your hate like love.” I love bringing out the riot grrrl in people who hate them the most.

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Darlin Doncha Go And Cut Your Hair


I think people are making a big deal about Britney shaving her head because it’s really extreme, following lots of other strange or reckless behavior, considering she’s in a custody battle that she should be able to win hands down, not to mention a comeback that people were ready for until the vag incident. For a pop tart to shave her head, that’s pretty extreme, since part of their job is to look conventionally attractive, and long long locks is part of the package. However, Madonna and Pink bucked that trend (but we’re used to seeing them do unusual things for the pop world). Sinead was a rocker who crossed over into pop and being bald was already part of her package, take it or leave it.

I was on a Philly message board not too long ago defending my decision to wear short hair (since roughly 2000). And even though I present myself as conventionally feminine in every other way (not that it should matter), and there is no way that anyone would mistake me for boy (sometimes I wish I could be a sexy andrognye though) the reaction from some of the men (young guys, mind you 20s/30s, allegedly young and hip or whatever) was pretty negative. And these are largely people who have never seen me or met me before. In person, I get compliments on my hair all the time. It was like I said it was okay to eat babies.

My model for short haircuts was Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby. And I read something recently where she was walking through NYC with Liza Minelli in the 60s showing off their new short do’s and people were shouting horrible things at them, just as they did with men with long hair.

So yeah, hair can be a deeply political statement. If you blur the lines of gender in any way, there are still people who become so fucking hostile for no reason.

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Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl

g.i. jane

Britney Spears shaves her head. Is it rock n roll or a cry for help? Women in transition (myself included) usually change their hair first. It’s the easiest thing to control when you can’t control anything else. Cutting your hair is totally a middle finger move to conventional female sexuality, and shaving is another matter. It’s either a middle-finger, a cleansing process or a self-destructo mode. Unfortunately, I’m feeling the latter on this one. Girl needs help.

February 17, 2007 at 3:59 pm Leave a comment

Black Snake Groan


Kind of like a Southern, sluttier interracial Lost in the Translation. Man finds woman unconscious at the side of the road. He cleans her up, takes care of her and chains her to a radiator to get that devil hoodoo out of her. Because women who are sexual beings need the devil blues beat out of ’em. And black people just function to be magik and mend the fucked-up white folks. Not incidentally, Justin Timberlake was not the worst thing about this film. It either needed to be Russ Meyer campy or have more explosions or more kitty cats, as Carolyn suggested. More importantly, do people from the South still talk like that? It was so bad that I didn’t walk out because I really wanted to know how it would end. I should have laughed more, like my fellow audience members. Thanks to Cathy, it was free.

These two reviews sum up everything wrong with the film. I look forward Sean Burns’ (PW) or my friend Sam Adams’ (CP) reviews.

February 15, 2007 at 11:29 pm 1 comment

Before the Music Dies


As interested as I was in seeing this, I had to make the difficult decision to take free tickets to Edward Scissorhands interpretive dance tonight. The first part of the trailer kind of rubs me the wrong way. It seems to be saying that if teenage girls listened to Bob Dylan instead of Ashlee Simpson that the music wouldn’t be in danger of dying. Teen idles and idols are part of the fabric of rock history and the past success of the music business, like, oh, Elvis and The Beatles? I’m not suggesting that Ashlee is Elvis or The Beatles. In a perfect world, her sales would probably fund all the future would-be Dylans on her label. The music is live and well; it’s the industry that chose death over evolution.

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