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Rick D RIP

rick d behind the bar

Photo from Philadelphia City Paper’s First Look at Tritone

I’m shocked to even type this. Just found out through Paul Dellevigne that Rick D co-owner of Tritone passed away from a heart attack just a few hours ago.

I’ve known Rick D for over a decade, first as a music journo, back when he booked The Firenze, JC Dobbs, and Upstairs at Nick’s. He was an early supporter and adopter of all kinds of punk bands, most famously booking Green Day at Dobbs pre-Dookie. He also ran a label called Black Hole and was in a band called the Newbyles. He probably has a history pre-bar scene, but someone older and wiser than me should fill in the gaps.

As a promoter, he’s been a big supporter of all of my endeavors: Plain Parade, Sugar Town, etc.

He had a big punk rock heart, a great sense of humor, and a love of all genres of music. He wore a leather vest like no one else. Some of my fave Rick D sayings: “They call it Drag City cause it’s a draaaaaaaaaaag.” “If you wanna make money get a day job.” “That band can’t even draw a picture in this town.”

This is a loss for me and an even bigger loss for the Philadelphia music scene. Truly the end of an era. A plate of pierogies and a special will never be the same.

I’m sorry if this sounds cheesy. I really don’t know what else to say.

If anyone has any memories or info they want to leave in the comments, fire away. Or if you prefer: sarasherrATgmailDOTcom

UPDATE: A tribute from Punky Mama

April 7, 2007 at 11:10 pm 2 comments

Bruce Langfeld RIP


Just found out about this a couple of hours ago and I’ve been on the phone about it since then. I haven’t seen Bruce in years. I didn’t know him well, but I knew him through old Tower South Street co-workers, old Welcomat (pre-PW), and music scene friends. He was very smart, talented, with a dry wit on the outside and a sweet core in the inside. I’m very sorry to see him go, especially since the obit says that he was struggling with loneliness and depression. When people leave this Earth not understanding they were truly loved, it’s a very sad thing. My heart goes out to his biological and musical family.

UPDATE: Since the toxicology reports are still coming in, it’s best not to jump to conclusions of suicide. If he was taking a lot of meds for depression, there’s a chance that side effects from a certain combination of meds could have been lethal. The second-to-last line was coming from a person living with depression, when you really don’t feel like you’re worth a damn no matter how many people around you show their love and support. Anyway, I hope this clarifies things.

March 22, 2007 at 12:48 pm 1 comment

Save the Boyd Part 700

“As you know, Friends of the Boyd are very concerned because Live Nation has put the Boyd up for sale. We don’t want Center City’s last movie palace to be sold to another real estate developer who might seek to demolish it!

We’ve mentioned previously that Live Nation is also considering turning the Boyd into a House of Blues. Friends of the Boyd were happy with the restoration plans drawn up to restore the Boyd into a venue for Touring Broadway musicals, and that Live Nation was happy to accommodate our film series. However, if the theater becomes a House of Blues, Live Nation has not specified whether the Boyd’s original, historic Art Deco features would be fully restored, and if a film series would be accommodated. Friends of the Boyd have continued to offer to fundraise for the restoration.

PLEASE TELEPHONE City Hall at 215-686-1776 and ask to be connected to Mayor Street’s office. The Mayor’s fax is 215-686-2180 if you would like to write a letter.

We suggest you start the conversation by identifying yourself by name, occupation, and city of residence.

Ask the Mayor’s office to please request that the owner of Center City’s last movie palace, Live Nation NOT sell the historic Boyd Theatre (which is at 1908 Chestnut Street) to another real estate developer who might demolish it! Instead, please suggest that Live Nation ought to work with Friends of the Boyd to identify a buyer who would restore the theater.

Also, please ask his office to request that if Live Nation turns the Boyd into a House of Blues, that the theater be fully restored to its original Art Deco design.

Feel free to emphasize that a restored, reopened Boyd Theatre will bring jobs, tourists, entertainment, and vitality to Philadelphia. You may wish to suggest that a film series be included along with the live entertainment needed to make the theater viable. Almost every US city has restored a movie palace, so if Philadelphia wants to be great, we should restore the Boyd!

Of course, please ask your contacts to call the Mayor’s office if they support our cause.

Howard B. Haas
The Weekly Update”

February 27, 2007 at 10:39 pm Leave a comment

Philadelphia: It’s Bad For You


Posted on Tue, Dec. 13, 2005

Inqlings | Philly recaptures a ‘worst environment’ title

By Michael Klein

Inquirer Columnist

Self Magazine is out with its sixth annual America’s Healthiest Places for Women list in its December issue, and – as usual – Philly didn’t fare so hot.

Overall, the city placed 88th out of 100 ranked metro areas. Last year, Philly was 100th out of 200.

Self staff evaluates 49 factors, including body-mass index, heart disease and smoking rates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, environmental statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, and crime figures from the FBI.

The healthiest area was Long Island, N.Y., followed by San Jose and Orange County, Calif., Burlington, Vt., and San Francisco.

Rated worst: Cincinnati, followed by Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Okla., Dayton-Springfield, Ohio, and Memphis, Tenn.

Philly did have one distinction this time out: It was dubbed “worst environment,” a title it also won in the 2002 and 2003 surveys based on air quality, the number of toxic sites, and the amount of green space.

What happened in 2004? “We didn’t do ‘worst environment’ that year,” says news director Sara Austin. “We did ‘worst air.’ ”

Guess who “won” that one

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Look What I Found

Someone talking Philadelphia punk/new wave history. This kind of stuff always interests me. I assume the Skip H is Skip Heller?

August 1, 2005 at 5:35 pm 2 comments

What Are You So Angry About

From the Girlgroup list:

I don’t have a problem with claiming anger for myself (just read some of my posts), but sometimes, the phrase “angry women” comes off as condescending by the mainstream media (or in other unlikely places).

It sort of reminds me of when I started doing Sugar Town in Philadelphia. It’s a party that I do monthy/bi-monthly for female dominated rock bands and DJ’s, local and touring. I started it because, now and then, there is an appallingly low amount of women in rock bands compared to the amount of men in town. At best, I’d say it’s 80/20. At lot of female musicians in town were like, “Thank God for Sugar Town.” And in the beginning, the crowd was mostly men, who were very enthusiastic and supportive, and not just creeps there to gawk or troll for dates. The press has always been supportive (mostly due to the fact that I am still a member of it).

August 8, 2004 at 1:57 pm 10 comments


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