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Reno 911


Andy The Boyfriend and I stopped watching the boring Oscars (and flipping back and forth to VH-1 classic) and went to a near-empty Riverview Theater to see the Reno 911 movie. Everything I loved about the movie is summed up by this photo. Best Ass In A Bathing Suit goes to Niecy Nash. Best Underwear Under A Bathing Suit Award goes to Kerry Kenney-Silver. And don’t forget, Best Group Masturbation Scene. I spent an hour-and-half cracking up. To me, it wasn’t too long because it was like watching three episodes back-to-back. I love how clueless and inept the characters are and how they do heroic things completely by accident, just like real life. Points to the Riverview for no crying babies, cellphones, or loud talkers, just a man snoring behind us. I seriously think the Riverview pays people to bring in their crying babies. Why else would you take a crying baby to a dark place with loud noises? Seriously.

February 28, 2007 at 4:05 pm 2 comments

Final Thoughts on Factory Girl


–The actress playing Brigid Berlin is not fat enough. I mean compared to the waify appearances of Sienna Miller and Mena Suvari she’s healthy, but nothing to justify the Andy Warhol character telling her to lose 25 pounds.

–The fake Dylan character is a tool. And I’m not convinced that he was really the good guy in any sort of scenario, definitely not better than Andy Warhol. Both of ’em were essentially all about love and theft. However, if I were Bobby, I’d sue too. Besides, how could he have fit Edie in with Joan Baez and Sara Lownds, other than maybe a fling.

–Why does there have to be a Good Guy and a Bad Guy here. It’s so contrived. The point of that time is that the lines between Bad and Good were seriously blurred.

–I can’t take Jimmy Fallon seriously in any other role than giggling next to Tina Fey on Weekend Update.

–Do they have to show Edie as a nonstop trainwreck or an object of art? Can they show her real life when she was funny and smart and what made her undone? Because her trainwreck transition just didn’t seem real to me.

February 19, 2007 at 4:51 pm 1 comment

Black Snake Groan


Kind of like a Southern, sluttier interracial Lost in the Translation. Man finds woman unconscious at the side of the road. He cleans her up, takes care of her and chains her to a radiator to get that devil hoodoo out of her. Because women who are sexual beings need the devil blues beat out of ’em. And black people just function to be magik and mend the fucked-up white folks. Not incidentally, Justin Timberlake was not the worst thing about this film. It either needed to be Russ Meyer campy or have more explosions or more kitty cats, as Carolyn suggested. More importantly, do people from the South still talk like that? It was so bad that I didn’t walk out because I really wanted to know how it would end. I should have laughed more, like my fellow audience members. Thanks to Cathy, it was free.

These two reviews sum up everything wrong with the film. I look forward Sean Burns’ (PW) or my friend Sam Adams’ (CP) reviews.

February 15, 2007 at 11:29 pm 1 comment

Factory Girl

factory girl

All of the reviews for it sound dreadful, especially this one on Slate, which suggests its portrayal of Andy Warhol is homophobic and the legally fake Dylan just totally retarded (more retarded than in real life). I still want to see it anyway. Edie’s very much a product of her times, a time when it was okay to institutionalize a woman for being “difficult” and a mental health profession that did not know how to properly deal with drug addiction, eating disorders, or various other personal demons. It’s also an interesting time for women who are just starting to learn what it means to be independent.

I’m touched by Edie’s story that she finds an alternate family in Warhol and The Factory when her own family (with its history of mental illness and the insistence on using institutions to deal with its problems) fails her. And in the end, the Factory family is just as dysfunctional, as creative people tend to be.

My friend Cathy is partial to Brigid Berlin, who also came from a wealthy family, struggled with OCD, drug addiction, and obesity, is ultimately a survivor, a pretty hilarious one at that, judging by the recent Pie in the Sky doc.

But Edie’s always the one that steals the spotlight, because even in the underground art world, people love to watch young pretty girls come undone. I still love the photos of her where she looks like she’s positively glowing. Doesn’t everyone want to feel that sometimes, but at what price?

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Margaret Cho


Was watching I’m The One That I Want today on Logo earlier today and was reminded of one of my favorite quotes of hers, “I like the word faggot. That’s my kind of man.”

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Breakfast on Pluto


Two things:

People who move between genders are so terribly romantic to me, the only true rebels left.

I have that same suitcase. It belonged to my mother, who used it as her luggage when she went to the hospital to give birth to me.

January 19, 2007 at 3:32 am 2 comments

Of Mice and Men


Due to Andy’s Four Seaons hook-ups we saw this tonight at The Walnut Street Theater. When I was working and promoting shows, I never had much time for any kind of culture besides my own. I haven’t read the book since high school, but Andy and I both remarked that it’s the kind of story that makes more sense to you when you’re older: the desperation and loneliness of it all, of loving people and things so much that you suffocate them or push them away.


Anthony finally brought this home from TLA. I had trouble getting into the first half of it, as I do with all Ren Faire talk. But I still can’t argue with a villain who makes eggs for his captor. Then I got sucked into the second half of it where the Natalie Portman character confronts her fears and is empowered by another woman’s story. And truth is, the tinfoil head in me wondered how much of the movie’s version of the future could come true or is coming true now — especially the part about the government manipulating the media, waging secret wars, torturing dissenters, and mysterious new viruses.

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TV Party


I watched SNL for the first time, all the way through, since I don’t know when. I was pleasantly surprised to see Brokeback dreamboat Jake Gyllenhall hosting, opening with a Dreamgirls tribute in drag.

Some things I noticed:

His eyebrows are out-of-control. Assuming they are well-groomed by professional handlers, what do they look like if he misses a few days?

Dude is cut! Those shoulders could hurt someone.

He can almost sing.

He was funny in every sketch. Of course, this also helped that all the sketches were funny by themselves, like this one, which seemed to be based on all videos shown at Woody’s on Wednesday nights and the Tower Records dance section.

We also watched this Hee Haw collection that I scored from the Tower promo pile. I never watched much HH as a child since I grew up in a very Sonny & Cher/Carol Burnett household. I rediscovered it a few years ago through Secret Cinema and found that I really liked the music on the show, like this clip with Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter. Even though her performance was a tad flat, I’d still like to explore more of her stuff. I also noticed that in Hee Haw’s absence, there aren’t as many old people with fucked-up teeth on TV anymore. In 70s variety shows in general, there seems to be a natural camdererie, and what makes HH so interesting is that it seems like many of them weren’t professional actors or comedians. All in all, it reminded me of a rural Laugh-In, except that drugs make the jokes confusing instead of funnier. At least to me.

I also decided last night that Andy the Boyfriend should write a blog about junk food and fast food. He has definite opinions on which cheese steak places give you the most meat, which Philadelphia McDonald’s is the best, and why the world needs Arby’s now. Perhaps I will get him to write some dispatches.

Do you want to hear them? Let me know.

January 14, 2007 at 4:58 pm 1 comment


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