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Walk The Plank


Now that I have my Saturday mornings back, I went out to Sex Dwarf for the first time in ages. This month’s spotlight was on Adam & The Ants, so that meant lots of cute gay boys dressed like pirates, which is all a girl really needs. Even DJ Robert Drake was rocking the New Romantic ruffles. I wore my new leopard fur dress that I bought at Utta Clutta in Rochester, which gave me the excuse to make all the cute gay pirates touch it. One boy said to me, “You’re wearing the classy old lady dress, except you’re not old.” I didn’t know how to take that. Either way, the crowd was great and so was the mix, and I had the best time I’ve had out in ages. I’ll post pics to flickr soon.

Either way, I still have to get more Adam and The Ants.


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Of Mice and Men


Due to Andy’s Four Seaons hook-ups we saw this tonight at The Walnut Street Theater. When I was working and promoting shows, I never had much time for any kind of culture besides my own. I haven’t read the book since high school, but Andy and I both remarked that it’s the kind of story that makes more sense to you when you’re older: the desperation and loneliness of it all, of loving people and things so much that you suffocate them or push them away.


Anthony finally brought this home from TLA. I had trouble getting into the first half of it, as I do with all Ren Faire talk. But I still can’t argue with a villain who makes eggs for his captor. Then I got sucked into the second half of it where the Natalie Portman character confronts her fears and is empowered by another woman’s story. And truth is, the tinfoil head in me wondered how much of the movie’s version of the future could come true or is coming true now — especially the part about the government manipulating the media, waging secret wars, torturing dissenters, and mysterious new viruses.

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Edward Scissorhands Interpretive Dance


Thanks to my friend James, I saw this for free last night. I know nothing about dance but I liked the idea of a goth Swan Lake and I enjoyed the costumes and the colors: suburban pinks and greens up against Edward’s silvers, grays, and blacks. I couldn’t see much since we were in the family circle and I had to look through the space between the balcony bars. I imagined that they were Edward’s hands. My favorite character was the dancing shrubbery. My second favorite character was the slutty next door neighbor. She had the best costumes and dances, especially during a 50s style BBQ exotica scene.

The best part was that Carolyn and I pretended to be husband and wife. I wanted to bring her a cocktail on a tray but instead at intermission, we drank champagne and split a giant chocolate chip cookie. Afterwards, James, Cathy, me and Carolyn went to visit my favorite Tower Records lunch place Chris’ Jazz Cafe. Members of the staff hugged me like a long lost family member. I drank red wine and ate two-dollar calamari out of a little paper box. I love my life.

January 17, 2007 at 7:32 pm 1 comment

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