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Sassy, The Magazine, Book, The Blog


I wasn’t a teenage girl in the 90s but Sassy made me wish I was. In case you don’t know, there’s a book and a blog. At last, some 90s nostalgia that you can use.


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My Beyond Beyond Review Is Up

justin bond
Justin Bond by James and James

Fagg girl steps out here

A hysterical myspace vid of Needles Jones

Yes, I know I need to update this blog desperately, but now my paying deadlines are calling. Coming up: Life Under Fugazi Rule andMy Queer as Folk Obsession.

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Russian Birthday Bath


Image from

Leave it to Amy Salit to come up with the most unusual birthday party idea. On Friday, a bunch of us went out to Bucks County to this Russian Spa. There’s a big Russian population in Northeast Philly (went to high school with many of them at George Washington on the olde Bustleton & Verree) and then they moved to the burbs. The RS has three kinds of saunas, and to me, all of them felt like Philadelphia in August, which to me, does not equal relief. But sweating is supposed to be very good for you, and then after you’re done sweating like a pig then you take a very cold shower. Needless to say, I spent the evening in the whirlpool.

I got my first massage ever, from a little Russian man with big meaty hands. He was very professional but I get weirded out by strangers touching me and the seventh grader in my head was like “Tee hee, he touched my butt!” We hung out in the lounge in our white robes and bathing suits, playing pool, drinking Vodka and red wine, watching Fuse on giant TVs and an impromptu Oldies 98 lipsync from Ricky, and eating pickled everything. The food was fantastic but was chaotically served, prompting one of our Russian friends to say, “This is why we lost the Cold War.” I felt like I was in my high school homeroom all over again, where Russian voices frequently lulled me back to sleep at 7:45 in the morning.

Not coincidentally, the Sherrs are from Russia originally, then got chased by the Czars into Latvia, possibly one other Eastern European country, then Ellis Island. Everytime I ask my Dad, he has a different answer.

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Adventures in Babysitting


On Thursday night, I babysat for one-year-old Evan, son of Kirby, ex-boyfriend, former housemate and writing coach, and oldest dearest friend. Evan didn’t cry when his parents left for dinner. He pulled on my tights and looked up at me, as if to say, “Now what?” So we read the New York Times Magazine’s fashion issue (notice how he turns the pages without shredding them), danced to Lee Morgan’s “Sidewinder,” sang The Beatles’ “Drive My Car,” and watched “Jeopardy” together. Apparently, he likes the music and sounds there too.

I love other people’s kids.

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Mug and Vogue


When the times with Ricky are good, they are excellent. And I’ll follow him everywhere, even if it’s a trip to the grocery store, because he can turn anything into an adventure that involves endless mugging, voguing, goofing, and fixing. Last night we went to someplace more exciting than the grocery store, the goth night at Shampoo, which I’ve visited twice, since I’ve never really been a goth and I always worked Thursday mornings.

Our friend Billy guest DJ’s with Kathy Fadigan in the 80s room, which is a total trip, because it’s all ages. Young shirtless gay boys and punk rock girls bounce around to songs made when they weren’t even born yet. I found myself appreciating Expose like I never did as a teenager, and really wanting to hear a segue into Taylor Dayne’s “Tell It To My Heart” or The Cover Girls. Instead Billy played a Kylie song and it was perfect.

I love the goth night because it’s totally not “cool,” not hipster, and even the worst fashion mishaps are at least original and interesting. I like being in the company of people dressed like Aeon Flux, Tank Girl, the Queen of Hearts, 50s noir starlets, and those whose clothing and shoes could double as weapons. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Evil Leopard Lady with Red Eyes


Aformentioned furry leopard dress from Utta Clutta in Rochester.

More pics from Sex Dwarf here and here.

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Queen of the Twee


Never saw the movie, just love the idea of Aaliyah as a queen vamp.

Last night I finally went to England Belongs To Twee for the first time because it was Courtney’s birthday, and I plan on making a monthly visit. Courtney is a girl who I met through Girlgroup when she still lived in Portland, but it turns out that she has family here. She moved back a couple of months ago, and it turns out she knows the same people I know like Mon Lu Cont. He was guest DJing and played my favorite Aaliyah song, “Try Again,” which is what I love most about Mon. He’ll bust out an American R&B track in the middle of an English oi/twee party.

All roads always lead back to Mon. I met him a decade ago when he was putting on shows with riot grrrl bands and playing in bands too (briefly with Maria). I used to write about his shows in PW when it was still the Welcomat. He used to carry a lunchbox, wear barrettes in his hair, and put out various fanzines, so from then on, I referred to him as the Riot Queen. For years after that, when he’d see me on the street, he’d scream out “Sara Sherr, Rock Journalist!” Years later, he was the first to leave a youtube comment on my myspace with a Bikini Kill interview. It said, “I hope this inspires you in your future endeavors.”

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