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I Want To Be a Hair Critic


From the BBC website, which said similar things to what I’ve been posting here and on Girlgroup all weekend long.

Seriously, is there a Pitchfork for hairdos?

This is what I posted to Girlgroup, which also reminds me, that I’m having thoughts about going to Beauty School. Much cheaper than grad school, no GRE’s, no math.

I was a short-haired redhead from 2000-until this past summer when I went
platinum blond. Before that, I wore a bob haircut of some kind and my hair
was dark brown, very safe and boring. I didn’t dye my hair until I was 25
and even then, it was Claire Danes as Angela Chase that made me do it. I
haven’t had super long hair since about 1990 or so, and there was nothing
really spectacular about it when it was long. It was some sort of Marcia
Brady/Av Lav thing that made me look like I was 12 and short hair just gives
you interesting texture and styling options (if like me, you hair is
straight and fine).

This list I’m talking about is sort of reactionary and contrarian at the
same time, if that’s possible, sort of the Philly version of ILX but even
dumber. They were called Crewcial and then Salt and now, I dunno, Douches R
Us or something. Anyway, I think the argument stemmed from an initial
discussion about young prepubescent girls getting boy haircuts and how wrong
that is. (Of course no one said there was anything wrong with boys having
girlie cuts). And I defended them and talked about how much happier I was
with short hair, and argued that short hair doesn’t take away from your
femininity, and who cares if i did? (Seriously, I haven’t worn a pair of
pants since Pavement broke up). I can’t remember how the argument went, but
just like everything else, people just like to fight because they’re on the
internet. And even if they didn’t believe in the arguments they were
pretending to fight for, just expressing them was very disturbing and 1950s.
Like they couldn’t decide if they were serious or Vice magazine ironic. As
Pavement would say, “fight this generation!”

That’s my final Pavement quote for the decade. I hope Maria is proud of me.

Incidentally, I think men and women with nice bone structure can rock the
buzz and baldy looks. Because I’m not blessed with the bones, I was afraid
to go short, wanting to hide my chipmunk cheeks behind my locks. But then I
decided, probably not long after a shitty break-up of my own (with the
smart, cleaner, meaner K-Fed of my late 20s), that I wouldn’t hide my face
anymore. And I wouldn’t hide from him. Believe it or not, Natalie Imbruglia
in 1998 might have started me on that track and then I just started snipping
and snipping.

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