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Pictured: John as Dino and Jimmi as Tiny Coletta in “Tiny Coletta’s Fashion Fiasco,” March 2004

This Wednesday is my 100th birthday and also the night of the next
Dumpsta Players. I’m planning a low-key meet-up at TRITONE, 1508 South
Street from 8-10. At 11, follow me across the street to BOB AND
BARBARA’S for the special holiday edition of the Dumpsta Players, where
I star as the daughter of a very dysfunctional family.

Do one, or do both!

Here’s the info for the show:

DJ K-Tell & The Dumpsta’ Players present:
Wed. December 21st
11pm Showtime — sharp!
@ Bob and Barbara’s
1509 South Street
Info: (215)-545-4511
99 cent cover


This Christmas, Come to Southwest Philly, to spend your Holidays with
hefty heifer Tiny Coletta and her clan. Tiny’s daughter, Luralayne is back
from Fat Camp, Dino is hooked up with hot party girl and Miss Prom Trash
2005, Amanda Playwythe. But it ain’t gonna be just any Christmas! The
Bitch Beach Tag Lady is plotting her revenge! What is this about Tiny’s
dead husband and whatever happened to Baby Loretta? Christmas family
dysfunction is ready to blow as grudges get settled! Get your Christmas
candy and have a slice of pie and enjoy–
Tiny Coletta’s Hefty Holidays!


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Something That Makes Me Smile Everyday


The infamous Chardonna Jenkins from The Dumpsta Players has a blog. Watch out, y’all. That bitch is funny.

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I’m Back


Image courtesy of Miss Pinkybear

This is me in the men’s room of Pure, where a few of the Dumpstas ended up at Freddy’s birthday party last Friday. It was either the two-dollar drinks or the thumpa-thumpa disko that drove us in there. I’m paying homage to my Mrs. Miller character with my goofy face. It’s cropped out but I actually am trying to hike up my dress to make it look authentic, except it didn’t get very far because that dress is very tight. I can’t even bike in it. Which is what defines a party dress, I think.

If I get too busy to blog again, at least you will look at this photo instead of a pic of Babs N Barry. Sorry about that.

Big thanks to those who came to the Plain Parade 3rd Anniversary bash on Saturday, and anyone who regularly helps us out otherwise by coming to our shows, playing them, writing about them, or hosting our events. And finally big ups to my partner for doing much of the legwork for the comp and all the bands for coming through. And fuck all y’all who can’t take a joke. If that’s the one thing in the world that you can find to be mad about, consider yourself lucky.

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Dumpsta Horror Picture Show


Image from Miss Pinkybear

Come see my stomach explode as Mikey the Life Cereal kid.

DJ K-Tell & The Dumpsta Players present:

Wed. September 21
11PM showtime — sharp!
@ Bob and Barbara’s
1509 South Street
Info: (215)-545-4511
99 cent cover!

“Do you want to know a secret?”

This is how gossip grows from its seed. Sometimes that seed is harmless, and other times… well, let’s just say that some seeds are best buried in the ground. Sticks and stones can break your bones, but words can build an evil empire.

Tonight, enter that empire as we meet Siouxsie as she embarks on an adventure into the realm of the bizarre, where urban legends are made and twisted into a neverending string of terror. Tales of crocodiles in the sewers and mysterious missing kidneys are quickly spread in today’s technological age. Watch as Siouxsie’s friends prey upon her fears to a soundtrack ranging from Broadway to Rob Zombie and Norwegian Glam. But while she gets terrorized by the songs which caused even you to have to turn on the light late at night, our heroine has something up her sleeve… Payback is a bitch! You’ll meet a host of characters from your favorite urban legends come to life as the Dumpsta Players present..
The Dumpsta Horror Picture Show

Only pop music can save them now…

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Dumpsta Players on Wednesday


DJ K-Tell & The Dumpsta’ Players


Bob and Barbara’s
1509 South St.

retro, disco, funk, rock, cheese
golden honey, just a touch…
I’m the sole Survivor!


What happens when a rich girl reality
TV starlet wanders into a hott L.A.
Club called Botox? Drama, Darling!
Of course, some girls, like Dr.
Felicity Foster, work endless
overtime hours as a seismologist
trying to stop the tremoring earth.
Watch out when these seemingly
unrelated women collide-with a man
as the arguing point!
But beware, Miss Paris…there are
stalkers everywhere-and they’re all
in love with you-especially nutcase
soldiers who are influenced by Charles
Don’t miss the exciting conclusion
when Zsa Zsa Gabor, Liz Taylor and
many more suffer the biggest L.A.
earthquake yet!!!

Hold your breath, drop, and roll cause-

“Pari$$$ Is Burning”!

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Garden Party

Went to a party at Lance’s, Dumpsta drag queen extrordinaire. He has such a unique decorating style. He should be on one of those stupid home improvement shows. He places odd items tastefully in his apartment so that they are conversation pieces and not like a crazy old lady’s antique store: knit decorated tissue boxes, his grandmother’s hats, gloves, and this metal mantle over his bed. My decorating skills consist of me trying to find places for all my shit, and artfully moving piles from one area of the floor to another. Lance also had reserved a space on the wall for people to write on with a very contact-high inducing black marker, as well as the cutest little pug, who snorts for pizza.

I became better acquainted with Loretta, Cathy’s boyfriend’s roommate, and she seems like such an awesome strong person despite the difficulties in her life. Lance’s friend Charlotte brought her now-fiancee to the party, who proposed to her on a boat when they were staying at Lance’s parents’ cabin in the Poconos (I think). I’m not crazy for weddings or rings, but I found that terribly romantic. Sometimes you can just watch people together and by their body language, they seem meant to be together, and I felt that with Charlotte and her fiancee.

Watched Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita and for the first time in my life, started to identify with the Shelly Winters character. I felt really bad when she was holding her husbands ashes and crying. Strangely, I found Peter Sellers’ Clare Quilty kind of hot, to which Cathy agreed.

Ricky showed up later with some Billboard writers that he’d gone to see American Idol Live with, and I chatted them up about what sells at Stupid and Crazy (Fantasia outsells Diana easily. Ricky had some pics of some Am Idol folks and even though I don’t care for their music and could give two shits about American Idol, Fantasia and Diana DeGarmo seemed like they would be fun, cool people to hang out with. They were making funny kid-faces in the photos, not the usual photo-op faces.

Even though I had a great time at the party, as I always do with the Dumpstas,
I was sadder than usual that someone couldn’t be there. And after talking to Ricky on the way home, I had some epiphanies about why I’m afraid to ask for what I want that led to a very teary bike ride home. I didn’t realize how much I was crying until some other folks passed me on their bike and said, “Lady don’t cry. We love you.” Maybe it was just the bong hit and the strong Vodka cocktails.

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We Got the Beat

I had the best two hours of my life tonight dancing with Ricky, Jimmi, and John D at Woody’s. When I got to karaoke at the Locust Bar it was packed, hot, and unpleasant so we left and went to what Ricky calls The Woodpile. The top dancefloor, which we usually avoid, was doing some sort of ’80s night, which consisted of people two-stepping to everything. Line dancing scares me. We danced to Madonna’s “Burning Up,” and an endless Go-Go’s medley that ended with us pretending to be on water skies a la Vacation. I got up and danced on one of the ledges for “Right Back Where We Started From,” but was sort of scared of heights. The highlight was Ricky and Jimmi voguing and me, Ricky, and John doing “The Safety Dance.” I’m all sweaty and my legs hurt but it was worth it.

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