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Crimson & Clover

Flier by Janet Kim

BITCH (Kill Rock Stars, ex Bitch & Animal, As seen in Shortbus)
Armed with an electric violin, a ukulele and a bass guitar, Bitch
(formerly of Bitch and Animal), is on the road and rampage again with
a fistful of new songs from her debut solo and Kill Rock Stars
release, Make This/Break This. She is an entertainer and songwriter
who has pulled audiences to their feet worldwide with her politically
charged and personally wrenched lyrics, her atypical instrumentation,
minimalist sound and wildly dramatic stage persona. Make This/Break
This, produced by June Millington (Fanny) and mixed by Roma Baran
(Laurie Anderson), was made over the course of two years with her
engineer, Wayne Schrengohst, in her home studio in NYC. Upon
completing the record, Bitch played a sold-out 5-week residency in
NYC, which landed her on the cover of two magazines. The record was
featured on Showtime’s “The L Word,” and has caught the ear of the
Indigo Girls, who took her on their fall record release tour.
Audiences also caught Bitch making her film-acting debut in John
Cameron Mitchell’s (Hedwig and the Angry Inch) feature film, Shortbus.
(Kill Rock Stars)

When the untimely departure of girL party left a hole in the city’s
social offerings for queer women, resident DJs Kit and Phoenix and a
posse of organizers and artists decided to do something about it.
Their vision was to keep the monthly dance party and performance space
alive as a safe and accessible spot for women, including transgender
women and men, to come together. Fuse was born, bringing the music
back every month starting this Saturday at Sal’s—without missing a
beat since girL’s last bash in December. Same time, same $5 cover,
same cheap drinks. Fuse organizers plan to feature local spoken-word
and dance artists in the downstairs space while stepping up party
themes and promotions (read: more freebies). So put on your hot shirt,
pocket a fiver and get ready for some pool, because the party’s
getting started all over again. (Angelina Conti, PW)

STEPH HAYES (Good Problems, Shooting Ropes, ex-Stargazer Lily)
“…The Good Problems exude an androgynous take on Ryan Adams’ studied
cool that seems even more affected than his, but their seemingly
sincere material balances things out nicely.” (Jim Reed, Connect

LOTSIX (Shooting Ropes)
LotSix is a Philadelphia based musician, songwriter, & multimedia
performance artist who jokingly refers to her unique art as
“self-karaoke”: live singing to original prerecorded music with
projected images and lyrics. LotSix treats audiences with smart,
funny, danceable, queer-tinged, laptop electro rock songs accompanied
by videos that further convey the many dimensions of her angsty wry


9PM $7 21+
Tritone 1508 South Street

PARADISE ISLAND (Jenny Hoyston of Erase Errata)
From a certain perspective, Jenny Hoyston is one of San Francisco’s
unsung talents. Sure, her achievements in Erase Errata have been well
documented and internationally appreciated, but consider the whole
woman, not just the guitar/trumpet/vox monster. Musical projects
abound, including the ukulele-driven Paradise Island and other solo
projects as well as the recent CD Hallways of Always with friend
William Elliott Whitmore. But at the monthly queer-friendly literary
night K’vetsh, Hoyston goes Renaissance woman to become a writer and
editor as well. Who knew? Her ´zine, Don’t Worry, is subtitled “You’re
Breaking Up” this issue, and includes contributions by Michelle Tea,
Tara Jepsen, and lots of other locals. (SF Weekly)

Calling Gemini Wolf an electronic rock act is like saying Noam
Chomsky’s just a linguist. It’s not enough. This blip-folksy duo —
Pandar and Mikronesia — expanded the initial tinyness of their
pastoral synth-sound to make something soulful and sweeping. You could
blame the addition of a dub-hungry bassist and some chamber string
kids. But they’re just two more reasons its debut, Josiah, has the
makings of an epic. (AD Amorosi, City Paper)

After calling themselves Under Not Over, keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Stephanie Nelson (The Tunics) and drummer Emil Weintraub (Beat Jamz) decided to revert back to their old band name that they shared with the late activist/performer/force of nature Axi Nue and current Clockcleaner bassist Karen Horner. CP’s Pat Rapa described their music as “intense riffs, dancey grooves and a rebellious attitude.” Bassist Jen Rice (Club Lyfestiles, The Celebs) replaces Horner.

Lizbot spins beeps & whirls while records fly deftly through her robotic appendages, resulting in a frothy melange of no wave, prog, folk, noise, funk, punk, serialism & any other genre you can think of.

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