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Purple Rhinestone Eagle have been at it for years now, coming off like early Sleater-Kinney with a jones for stoner rock (which, yes, essentially equals S-K’s final album). But since they’ve been tearing shit up primarily in West Philly, it’s there that their reputation has remained. Maybe that’s why the all-girl trio is moving to Portland, Ore., following a string of local shows. Even if that city’s rich indie ore makes West Philly’s basement scene look like Manayunk, it’s still sad to see the ladies go. There’s a lesson here: If we champion some great bands but ignore others, we could lose Maple Rabbit and Bad News Bats too. (Doug Wallen, PW)

NICKY CLICK (Crunks Not Dead)

Much like Le Tigre or Gravy Train, Nicky melds her politics with energetic electronic dance music. She is also an aspiring hip-hop diva in the Peaches mold. (Church Of Girl Radio)

RED SKATE RED (Last seen opening for The Shondes)
After calling themselves Under Not Over, keyboardist/guitarist/vocalist Stephanie Nelson (The Tunics) and drummer Emil Weintraub (Beat Jamz) decided to revert back to their old band name that they shared with the late activist/performer/force of nature Axi Nueand current Clockcleanerbassist Karen Horner. CP’s Pat Rapa described their music as “intense riffs, dancey grooves and a rebellious attitude.” Bassist Jen Rice (Club Lyfestiles, The Celebs) replaces Horner

SHEPHERDESS (Hilken Mancini of Punk Rock Aerobics, ex-Fuzzy/Come/Operators, Kimchee Recs)
Singer/guitarist/pedal-hopper Hilken Mancini (Fuzzy, Punk Rock Aerobics), violinist/baritone guitarist Emily Arkin (The Operators), bassist Winston Braman (Come, Consonant) and drummer Mike Savage (Count Me Outs, Fudge) describe themselves as Cat Power on speed. Or perhaps Kate Bush fronting The Wipers. Or Captain Beefheart falling, hitting his head, and waking up believing that he is Built to Spill.


DJ Bunnystyle is a classically trained musician turned math-rocker turned film student turned DJ. He is always a feminist and always queer and always happy to play music for people to dance to. DJ Bunnystyle and friends have a regular queer dance party called Make Yr Break the first Saturday of every month at Dahlak restaurant in West Philly – 4708 Baltimore Ave.


TUES 8/28 at Tritone, 1508 South Street, 9PM, $6 21+

STINKMITT(Vancouver, Cochon Records)
Guys, get ready to get all hot and bothered—and uncomfortable. Surrey, B.C.’s Stink Mitt are back to remind you about tampons, menstrual blood and erectile dysfunction, possibly in that order, if you’re extra squeamish. But their lyrics still deal largely in sex, sluts, secrets, stardom and suicide, backed by the undeniable rhyming and vocalizing skills of MCs Jenni Craige and Betti Forde and producer BigStuff. Blending the classic synthpop side of Prince with a few fluid ounces of modern electro, their music will surely put dance in your pants. And what a prescient tribute to Marilyn Monroe, what with another blonde train wreck in the news. (Lorraine Carpenter, Montreal Mirror)

Mike Grimes and Pete Emes are those dudes known as Smalltown DJs. Based in Calgary,they currently (since 1999) run a weekly known as Hai Karate. Hai Karate and the Smalltown DJs were born out of the ashes of old style block parties, punk rock shows at community halls and the early nineties rave scene. Hanging with these dudes on any given night you will hear funk, pop, dancehall, rock, hip hop, house, breaks, club and bmore. The duo has released several mix cds and vinyl 12″s over the past few years – garnering attention and accolades from the far reaches of the globe. Over the past six years the Smalltown Djs have hosted and played alongside such artsits as Afrika Bambaataa, Lateef, Lyrics Born, Dj Assault, Jeru the Damaja, Tommie Sunshine, Chromeo, Mike Relm, Cosmo Baker and Dj Ayres ATrak, Low Budget, Diplo, James Lavelle, Kool Keith, Z-trip and Dj Radar, Fort Knox Five, and Maseo from De la Soul among many others. They also toured with the Steve-O from Jackass to promote his Out on Bail DVD.

DJ’S JUST JESS & KLEMBOTT (Get Some, Fuse, The Dive)

DIAMOND GIRL (Hands & Knees)

Winner of the Golden Unicorn Award for “DJ to Watch” from Philebrity’s Kelly White
Music that she plays:
Where You’ve Seen Her:
hands & knees @ the m room
10 year anniversary party @ fluid
memorial day party @ key west
vice party @ key west
bad music for bad people @ sal’s

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