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st flier

BOYSKOUT (NYC, Alive Records)
How can you not love a band that cherry-picks from the best parts of ’80s synth-doom and ’90s K-punk? Boyskout — recently relocated from San Francisco to Brooklyn — twists their queercore in a spooky, sexy, dancy way that hasn’t been heard since CWA dropped “Only Straight Girls Wear Dresses” 11 years ago. (Maura Johnston, CP/Idolator)

UMLAUT (Record Release Party! Mems of The Hessians, Ex Golden Ball, Snow Fairies, and Men in Fur)
Umlaut started in Philadelphia with Andrea, Amy and Reric looking for a keys-heavy musical adventure. Kidnapped by pirates, they were forced to repeatedly play on a cruise ship in international waters where they honed their foreign-language skills. Thus, they are able to craft dancy, synth-poppy crowd pleasers in a myriad of styles and languages. Their creative process involves pizza, bongos, and lots of hairspray. And now, with Jayme and Angela on board, Umlaut is an unstoppable force destined to conquer all seven continents, nineplanets (including Pluto), and beyond!


Maple Rabbit is a 3-person, all-keyboard video band that prefers their cuteness with edge, their politics with glitz and stop-motion, and their drum machines with careful harmonies. Expect matching outfits, melodies that will stick with you for days, and lyrics about everything from school picture day to the end of the world. Their performances feature original video projections, making for a unique and unforgettable multi-media experience. PW’s Doug Wallen writes, “Don’t let the bashful harmonies and kindergarten keyboards fool you. As cute as Maple Rabbit are, they’re also plenty pissed. On the West
Philly trio’s endearing six-song Love Love Death Death Fun Fun, their homespun twee packs spiky nods to global warming (“Apocalypse”), soured relationships (“Scarf Song”) and the Bush administration’s bungling in New Orleans (“Boat Song”). All that may sound trite on paper, but on record and live—with a carefully made video playing behind them for each song—such familiar sentiments feel brand-new.”

ILL EASE (NYC, Cochon Records)
Low fidelity and low self-esteem have always gone hand in shaky hand. But Elizabeth Sharp (a.k.a. ill ease) makes the combination arresting again…. She wallows in rhythm as well as rejection, dropping playroom instrumentation on deep, circular grooves like a moldy peach playing patty-cake with can. Bad times never seemed so good. (Spin)

A favorite spinner at many past sixties-music events in Philly, New York and her native country of Spain, Silvia is sure to have some new surprises and rare sides in the multiplying boxes of discs she keeps bringing over. Silvia moved to in 2004, from her birthplace in the Spanish city of Gijón in the green province of Asturias.


SAT 8/25: Purple Rhinestone Eagle, Nicky Click (Crunks Not Dead), Red Skate Red, Sheperdess (Ex Operators, Kimchee Recs), DJ Bunnystyle $7

TUES 8/28: Stinkmitt (Montreal, Cochon Recs) DJ’s Just Jess & Klembott, Diamond Girl (Hands & Knees) $5

SAT 9/29: Bitch (of Bitch & Animal, Kill Rock Stars), Fuse DJ’s $8

MON 10/8: Paradise Island (Jenny Hoysten ex Erase Errata), Gemini Wolf, Red Skate Red

SAT 10/27: Special Halloween Drag Queen/Gay Boy Edition with Helen Back & The Str8 Razors, DJ’s Ricky Paul (Dumpsta Players & Baby Loves Disco) and Ryan Creed (Palare)

Wanna play a Sugar Town? Drop me a line at sarasherrATgmailDOTcom

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