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Rick D RIP

rick d behind the bar

Photo from Philadelphia City Paper’s First Look at Tritone

I’m shocked to even type this. Just found out through Paul Dellevigne that Rick D co-owner of Tritone passed away from a heart attack just a few hours ago.

I’ve known Rick D for over a decade, first as a music journo, back when he booked The Firenze, JC Dobbs, and Upstairs at Nick’s. He was an early supporter and adopter of all kinds of punk bands, most famously booking Green Day at Dobbs pre-Dookie. He also ran a label called Black Hole and was in a band called the Newbyles. He probably has a history pre-bar scene, but someone older and wiser than me should fill in the gaps.

As a promoter, he’s been a big supporter of all of my endeavors: Plain Parade, Sugar Town, etc.

He had a big punk rock heart, a great sense of humor, and a love of all genres of music. He wore a leather vest like no one else. Some of my fave Rick D sayings: “They call it Drag City cause it’s a draaaaaaaaaaag.” “If you wanna make money get a day job.” “That band can’t even draw a picture in this town.”

This is a loss for me and an even bigger loss for the Philadelphia music scene. Truly the end of an era. A plate of pierogies and a special will never be the same.

I’m sorry if this sounds cheesy. I really don’t know what else to say.

If anyone has any memories or info they want to leave in the comments, fire away. Or if you prefer: sarasherrATgmailDOTcom

UPDATE: A tribute from Punky Mama

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Sugar Town 4/28

st flier

Sugar Town, a monthly night of lady rockers, DJ’s, and more:
1508 South Street
Doors at 9, Show at 10
$7, 21+


If you hang at West Philly house shows, you know PRE and love them. If you don’t, meet your new best friends. Listing their influences from Sabbath to Sleater-Kinney, they describe their sound as “a kiss on the hand and then a punch in the face.” How very Crystals!


The Wilmington, Delaware duo are made up of Rob Montejo (ex-Smashing Orange) and Monika Bullette, whose 2005 Internet release of her solo album “The Secrets” won Philadelphia City Paper’s “Best Album You Can Get For Free and Without a Guilty Conscience“. Together, they elicit comparisons to My Bloody Valentine and “a shoegazing Everly Brothers.”


With drums, bass, guitar, violin, and powerful, intertwining vocals, The Shondes bring to their music the drama of Patti Smith, the punch of Sleater Kinney, traditional Jewish melodies, and a songwriting style deeply rooted in Classical tradition. Shonde is the Yiddish word for disgrace, shame or outrage. As queers and trannies, radicals, Jewish and non-Jewish Palestine-solidarity activists, it’s no surprise that they’ve been called “disgraceful. With their surprising sound, contagious passion, and radical political content, The Shondes move and energize audiences in New York and beyond.

JAMI ATTENBERG (Replaces Donna Gaines)

Jami Attenberg has written about sex, technology, design, graphic novels, books, television, and urban life for Salon, Print, Nylon, Radar, the San Francisco Chronicle, Plenty, Time Out NY, eWeek, and others. Her fiction has been published by Nerve , Pindeldyboz, Spork, and Bullfight Review . Her debut collection of stories, INSTANT LOVE, was published by Crown/Shaye Areheart Books in June 2006. CP said, “Attenberg‘s language is spot-on, walking that fine line between cutesy and brilliant with stunning alacrity.” A novel, THE KEPT MAN, will be published by Riverhead Books in 2007. She lives in Brooklyn, NY


DJ KIT (Fuse at Sal’s)

When the untimely departure of girL party left a hole in the city’s social offerings for queer women, resident DJs Kit and Phoenix and a posse of organizers and artists decided to do something about it. Their vision was to keep the monthly dance party and performance space alive as a safe and accessible spot for women, including transgender women and men, to come together. Fuse was born, bringing the music back every month starting this Saturday at Sal’s—without missing a beat since girL’s last bash in December. Same time, same $5 cover, same cheap drinks. Fuse organizers plan to feature local spoken-word and dance artists in the downstairs space while stepping up party themes and promotions (read: more freebies). So put on your hot shirt, pocket a fiver and get ready for some pool, because the party’s getting started all over again.
(Angelina Conti, PW)

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