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50,000 Lire For My Thoughts


I woke up this morning with the late, great Kirsty MacColl’s “Innocence” stuck in my head. In the stylee of Comfort in the Sound, I’m gonna post them here, because they’re so bitingly brilliant after all these years, and pretty much everyone knows someone like the subject of this song. It’s like her own “Freed Pig.” I wonder who her J Mascis was?

It wouldn’t take a long time
To explain what lies between us
And it wouldn’t take a genius
To work out what the scene is
It might just take a pilot
To give you a natural high
But you’re sending off those bottle tops
For your free piece of mind
And are you just waving or drowning?
It’s so hard to tell when you’re so far away

Oh innocence has passed you by
A long long time ago
I was the fly upon your wall
And I saw what you know
Your pornographic priestess left you for another guy
You frighten little children and you’ll always wonder why
Always wonder why

The mercury is rising
And it’s not all that surprising
In the land of milk and honey
Where you make big money
And it always keeps the rain off
And it always keeps you dry
But back home the people hate you
And you never did know why
But I think I’m going to tell you
Just give me fifty thousand lire for my thoughts

Oh innocence has passed you by
A long long time ago
I was the fly upon your wall
And I saw what you know
The supermarket checkout girl
Once smacked you in the eye
When you eat noone else does
But you always wonder why
Always wonder why

It would take a gunshot
Just to clear your head awhile
And after all this time
How can you stand there
Look at me and smile?

Now are you just waving or drowning?
It’s so hard to tell with you so far away

Oh innocence has passed you by
A long long time ago
I was the fly upon your wall
And I saw what you know
Degeneration suits you, now I’m going home to cry
You won’t be seeing me again
But you’ll always wonder why
Always wonder why

i used to have this poster!

SEBADOH – “Freed Pig”

You were right
I was battling you, trying to prove myself
I tried to bury you with guilt; I wanted to prove you wrong
I’ve got nothing better to do than pay too much attention to you
It’s sad, but it’s not your fault
Self-righteous and rude
I guess I lost that cool
Tapping, til I drive you insane
I’m self-righteous, but never right
So laid back, but so uptight
Destroying your patience to tolerate me
With all the negative spirit I bring
Right, I was obsessed to bring you down
Watching your every move
Playing a little-boy game
Always with something to prove
Waiting to cut you down, making it hard to live
With only one thing to do
Cut me first, make it easy
Now you will be free
Now that nothing depends on me
Tapping, til I drive you insane
Now you will be free
With no sick people tugging on your sleeve
Your big head has that “more room to grow”
A glory I will never know
A glory I will never know

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Sassy, The Magazine, Book, The Blog


I wasn’t a teenage girl in the 90s but Sassy made me wish I was. In case you don’t know, there’s a book and a blog. At last, some 90s nostalgia that you can use.

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Sugar Town Schedule For Tonight


Hottt flier designed by Beretta 76.

9:00 Doors, DJ’s
10:00-10:15ish Elizabeth Fiend
10:15-10:30ish Richard B Grande
10:30 DJ’s
11:00-11:30 Bells Bells Bells
11:45-12:15 Beretta 76

12:30-1:45 DJ’s

See ya there!

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What I Really Hate…

sing it sister

Image from Article8

…When you’re trying to hail a cab, and stupid suburban motorists think that you’re waving at them. I mean, it’s obvious to any city dweller what the universal symbol is for “I need a cab.” Last night at the corner of 4th and South, some stupid bitch screeched from the backseat of a car, “Help, a tranny’s directing traffic!” While it’s somewhat flattering to be confused with a queen, I’m not tall enough and I lack an Adam’s apple or at least a strong jaw. Everyone knows a girl working the streets would not tastefully pair her Dickies dress with a sweater and black tights. At least be accurate with your insults, “Help, your roots are showing!” Thank God that the black men of Philadelphia know that I am all woman. I’ll be hearing about it more in the warmer months.

March 23, 2007 at 12:49 pm 2 comments

Bruce Langfeld RIP


Just found out about this a couple of hours ago and I’ve been on the phone about it since then. I haven’t seen Bruce in years. I didn’t know him well, but I knew him through old Tower South Street co-workers, old Welcomat (pre-PW), and music scene friends. He was very smart, talented, with a dry wit on the outside and a sweet core in the inside. I’m very sorry to see him go, especially since the obit says that he was struggling with loneliness and depression. When people leave this Earth not understanding they were truly loved, it’s a very sad thing. My heart goes out to his biological and musical family.

UPDATE: Since the toxicology reports are still coming in, it’s best not to jump to conclusions of suicide. If he was taking a lot of meds for depression, there’s a chance that side effects from a certain combination of meds could have been lethal. The second-to-last line was coming from a person living with depression, when you really don’t feel like you’re worth a damn no matter how many people around you show their love and support. Anyway, I hope this clarifies things.

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My Beyond Beyond Review Is Up

justin bond
Justin Bond by James and James

Fagg girl steps out here

A hysterical myspace vid of Needles Jones

Yes, I know I need to update this blog desperately, but now my paying deadlines are calling. Coming up: Life Under Fugazi Rule andMy Queer as Folk Obsession.

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My Janeane Garofalo Review Is Up


Reviewing comedy shows is hard. I need to learn shorthand. Was I too fawning? Maybe. I just realized that I really missed her or someone like her in the world. Especially today, when it seems like a lifetime ago when someone like J Gee could be a romantic lead or even say the things she says. It’s like the world has gotten stupider and duller since the 90s.

March 12, 2007 at 5:08 pm 1 comment

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