It’s like punk rock, only it’s a car!

February 27, 2007 at 2:33 pm Leave a comment


My inner journalist is weeping, but my inner capitalist is saying yes.

Also, if you look at that picture, dude is never allowed to call me pasty ever again. I think I’m at least a shade darker than him and that’s saying a lot.

Unrelated: I just realized that Jeremy Davies, one of my imaginary boyfriends from the 90s, was in that wretched Subaru ad. My heart is breaking even worse than when he grows a mountain man beard and stops bathing for one of his quirky roles.

But then again, what do I know? I’m stuck in the 90s. Selling out is the new black!

UPDATE: Upon further reflection, I think he did it to piss everyone off. That’s his main motivation, and of course, to get big bucks, car and a free trip and cool stuff for the weekend. Because, you know, life is not Fugazi, etc. Seriously, though, who’s life really is Fugazi? Maybe Joey’s more like Bikini Kill than he realizes: “The you I sell show to you is just a lie” “I eat your hate like love.” I love bringing out the riot grrrl in people who hate them the most.

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