Darlin Doncha Go And Cut Your Hair

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I think people are making a big deal about Britney shaving her head because it’s really extreme, following lots of other strange or reckless behavior, considering she’s in a custody battle that she should be able to win hands down, not to mention a comeback that people were ready for until the vag incident. For a pop tart to shave her head, that’s pretty extreme, since part of their job is to look conventionally attractive, and long long locks is part of the package. However, Madonna and Pink bucked that trend (but we’re used to seeing them do unusual things for the pop world). Sinead was a rocker who crossed over into pop and being bald was already part of her package, take it or leave it.

I was on a Philly message board not too long ago defending my decision to wear short hair (since roughly 2000). And even though I present myself as conventionally feminine in every other way (not that it should matter), and there is no way that anyone would mistake me for boy (sometimes I wish I could be a sexy andrognye though) the reaction from some of the men (young guys, mind you 20s/30s, allegedly young and hip or whatever) was pretty negative. And these are largely people who have never seen me or met me before. In person, I get compliments on my hair all the time. It was like I said it was okay to eat babies.

My model for short haircuts was Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby. And I read something recently where she was walking through NYC with Liza Minelli in the 60s showing off their new short do’s and people were shouting horrible things at them, just as they did with men with long hair.

So yeah, hair can be a deeply political statement. If you blur the lines of gender in any way, there are still people who become so fucking hostile for no reason.


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