Factory Girl

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factory girl

All of the reviews for it sound dreadful, especially this one on Slate, which suggests its portrayal of Andy Warhol is homophobic and the legally fake Dylan just totally retarded (more retarded than in real life). I still want to see it anyway. Edie’s very much a product of her times, a time when it was okay to institutionalize a woman for being “difficult” and a mental health profession that did not know how to properly deal with drug addiction, eating disorders, or various other personal demons. It’s also an interesting time for women who are just starting to learn what it means to be independent.

I’m touched by Edie’s story that she finds an alternate family in Warhol and The Factory when her own family (with its history of mental illness and the insistence on using institutions to deal with its problems) fails her. And in the end, the Factory family is just as dysfunctional, as creative people tend to be.

My friend Cathy is partial to Brigid Berlin, who also came from a wealthy family, struggled with OCD, drug addiction, and obesity, is ultimately a survivor, a pretty hilarious one at that, judging by the recent Pie in the Sky doc.

But Edie’s always the one that steals the spotlight, because even in the underground art world, people love to watch young pretty girls come undone. I still love the photos of her where she looks like she’s positively glowing. Doesn’t everyone want to feel that sometimes, but at what price?


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