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Things I Like This Year (So Far)

nme cover

Lilly Allen
Long Blondes
M.I.A. “Bird Flu”
Under Byen
The Eternals
A Sunny Day In Glasgow
Voodoo Economics at Sugar Town

And the fact that The Gossip is charting in the UK and on the cover of NME! America, snooze or lose.

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Reno 911


Andy The Boyfriend and I stopped watching the boring Oscars (and flipping back and forth to VH-1 classic) and went to a near-empty Riverview Theater to see the Reno 911 movie. Everything I loved about the movie is summed up by this photo. Best Ass In A Bathing Suit goes to Niecy Nash. Best Underwear Under A Bathing Suit Award goes to Kerry Kenney-Silver. And don’t forget, Best Group Masturbation Scene. I spent an hour-and-half cracking up. To me, it wasn’t too long because it was like watching three episodes back-to-back. I love how clueless and inept the characters are and how they do heroic things completely by accident, just like real life. Points to the Riverview for no crying babies, cellphones, or loud talkers, just a man snoring behind us. I seriously think the Riverview pays people to bring in their crying babies. Why else would you take a crying baby to a dark place with loud noises? Seriously.

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Save the Boyd Part 700

“As you know, Friends of the Boyd are very concerned because Live Nation has put the Boyd up for sale. We don’t want Center City’s last movie palace to be sold to another real estate developer who might seek to demolish it!

We’ve mentioned previously that Live Nation is also considering turning the Boyd into a House of Blues. Friends of the Boyd were happy with the restoration plans drawn up to restore the Boyd into a venue for Touring Broadway musicals, and that Live Nation was happy to accommodate our film series. However, if the theater becomes a House of Blues, Live Nation has not specified whether the Boyd’s original, historic Art Deco features would be fully restored, and if a film series would be accommodated. Friends of the Boyd have continued to offer to fundraise for the restoration.

PLEASE TELEPHONE City Hall at 215-686-1776 and ask to be connected to Mayor Street’s office. The Mayor’s fax is 215-686-2180 if you would like to write a letter.

We suggest you start the conversation by identifying yourself by name, occupation, and city of residence.

Ask the Mayor’s office to please request that the owner of Center City’s last movie palace, Live Nation NOT sell the historic Boyd Theatre (which is at 1908 Chestnut Street) to another real estate developer who might demolish it! Instead, please suggest that Live Nation ought to work with Friends of the Boyd to identify a buyer who would restore the theater.

Also, please ask his office to request that if Live Nation turns the Boyd into a House of Blues, that the theater be fully restored to its original Art Deco design.

Feel free to emphasize that a restored, reopened Boyd Theatre will bring jobs, tourists, entertainment, and vitality to Philadelphia. You may wish to suggest that a film series be included along with the live entertainment needed to make the theater viable. Almost every US city has restored a movie palace, so if Philadelphia wants to be great, we should restore the Boyd!

Of course, please ask your contacts to call the Mayor’s office if they support our cause.

Howard B. Haas
The Weekly Update”

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The Good The Bad The Queen and zzzzzzzzzz


Dear Damon Albarn:

I’m sorry.

I still don’t totally understand why Valania assigned this to me, when he’s clearly more jazzed about it than I am. But JV as an editor gets points for remembering that I do still listen to and write about people with penises. Even though the record could have benefited from some awesome female guest vocalists, like say, Goldfrapp.

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It’s like punk rock, only it’s a car!


My inner journalist is weeping, but my inner capitalist is saying yes.

Also, if you look at that picture, dude is never allowed to call me pasty ever again. I think I’m at least a shade darker than him and that’s saying a lot.

Unrelated: I just realized that Jeremy Davies, one of my imaginary boyfriends from the 90s, was in that wretched Subaru ad. My heart is breaking even worse than when he grows a mountain man beard and stops bathing for one of his quirky roles.

But then again, what do I know? I’m stuck in the 90s. Selling out is the new black!

UPDATE: Upon further reflection, I think he did it to piss everyone off. That’s his main motivation, and of course, to get big bucks, car and a free trip and cool stuff for the weekend. Because, you know, life is not Fugazi, etc. Seriously, though, who’s life really is Fugazi? Maybe Joey’s more like Bikini Kill than he realizes: “The you I sell show to you is just a lie” “I eat your hate like love.” I love bringing out the riot grrrl in people who hate them the most.

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Hello Saferide


In blogland, Hello Saferide is probably so last week, but Snyder just told me about them. In this clip, Cute Swedish girl gives a record collector wolfboy a different kind of pop quiz. Don’t fall for his lies, Cute Swedish girl! Don’t do it!

Though in defense to RCWB, I clean my bathroom and make soup to impress people all the time. It’s all I’ve got.

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Dumpsta Players Tomorrow


I said before that the show is like Lost Boys meets Breakfast Club. I think it’s more Buffy. I’m playing a sexy vampire girl who kills a dumb jock.
DJ K-Tell & The Dumpsta’ Players present:
Wed. February 21st
11pm Showtime — sharp!
@ Bob and Barbara’s
1509 South Street
Info: (215)-545-4511
$1.99 cover, 21+


High school pressure can make ANYONE feel trapped in a bubble, but for
Bobby, the bubble is all too literal. Due to a rare condition, he’s spent
his entire sixteen years encased in an antiseptic plastic bubble. He can’t
do the types of things normal teens take for granted. As a result, his
social life is a joke. He’s the punchline for his shallow friends, and no
one seems to understand him. And forget dating — with his options
limited, he hasn’t even figured out if he’s gay or straight. Despite an
attraction, his would-be boyfriend Shane is too embarrassed to stand by
his guy.

And then we meet Sadie — a sexy misfit who “gets” him and sees beyond his
plastic shell. Or does she? This romance is definitely too good to be
true, and it’s a matter of time before Bobby will have to make some real
choices. All that’s standing in the way is that damn bubble.

Will he choose love or let love choose him?
Will he separate the shady from the real?
Is there danger lurking for Bubble Boy?
And why do kids keep disappearing near the mall?

Find out whether the teens will be dancing in heaven — or hell in —
<!– D([“mb”,”

Want to start your own business?
Learn how on Yahoo! Small Business.

“,0] ); D([“ce”]); //–>

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I Want To Be a Hair Critic


From the BBC website, which said similar things to what I’ve been posting here and on Girlgroup all weekend long.

Seriously, is there a Pitchfork for hairdos?

This is what I posted to Girlgroup, which also reminds me, that I’m having thoughts about going to Beauty School. Much cheaper than grad school, no GRE’s, no math.

I was a short-haired redhead from 2000-until this past summer when I went
platinum blond. Before that, I wore a bob haircut of some kind and my hair
was dark brown, very safe and boring. I didn’t dye my hair until I was 25
and even then, it was Claire Danes as Angela Chase that made me do it. I
haven’t had super long hair since about 1990 or so, and there was nothing
really spectacular about it when it was long. It was some sort of Marcia
Brady/Av Lav thing that made me look like I was 12 and short hair just gives
you interesting texture and styling options (if like me, you hair is
straight and fine).

This list I’m talking about is sort of reactionary and contrarian at the
same time, if that’s possible, sort of the Philly version of ILX but even
dumber. They were called Crewcial and then Salt and now, I dunno, Douches R
Us or something. Anyway, I think the argument stemmed from an initial
discussion about young prepubescent girls getting boy haircuts and how wrong
that is. (Of course no one said there was anything wrong with boys having
girlie cuts). And I defended them and talked about how much happier I was
with short hair, and argued that short hair doesn’t take away from your
femininity, and who cares if i did? (Seriously, I haven’t worn a pair of
pants since Pavement broke up). I can’t remember how the argument went, but
just like everything else, people just like to fight because they’re on the
internet. And even if they didn’t believe in the arguments they were
pretending to fight for, just expressing them was very disturbing and 1950s.
Like they couldn’t decide if they were serious or Vice magazine ironic. As
Pavement would say, “fight this generation!”

That’s my final Pavement quote for the decade. I hope Maria is proud of me.

Incidentally, I think men and women with nice bone structure can rock the
buzz and baldy looks. Because I’m not blessed with the bones, I was afraid
to go short, wanting to hide my chipmunk cheeks behind my locks. But then I
decided, probably not long after a shitty break-up of my own (with the
smart, cleaner, meaner K-Fed of my late 20s), that I wouldn’t hide my face
anymore. And I wouldn’t hide from him. Believe it or not, Natalie Imbruglia
in 1998 might have started me on that track and then I just started snipping
and snipping.

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Final Thoughts on Factory Girl


–The actress playing Brigid Berlin is not fat enough. I mean compared to the waify appearances of Sienna Miller and Mena Suvari she’s healthy, but nothing to justify the Andy Warhol character telling her to lose 25 pounds.

–The fake Dylan character is a tool. And I’m not convinced that he was really the good guy in any sort of scenario, definitely not better than Andy Warhol. Both of ’em were essentially all about love and theft. However, if I were Bobby, I’d sue too. Besides, how could he have fit Edie in with Joan Baez and Sara Lownds, other than maybe a fling.

–Why does there have to be a Good Guy and a Bad Guy here. It’s so contrived. The point of that time is that the lines between Bad and Good were seriously blurred.

–I can’t take Jimmy Fallon seriously in any other role than giggling next to Tina Fey on Weekend Update.

–Do they have to show Edie as a nonstop trainwreck or an object of art? Can they show her real life when she was funny and smart and what made her undone? Because her trainwreck transition just didn’t seem real to me.

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President’s Day

Ricky: Sara, what President are you thinking about?

Me: The President of the Hair Club For Men.

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