Rochester: Last Day

January 12, 2007 at 2:24 pm Leave a comment

To clarify the last post, I’d go back to FYE part time if I could get insurance. I’d rather not fall into the retail wormhole again.

Last night we went to see Borat at a reformed porn theater that was taken over by teachers about twenty years ago, and a cat used to roam the aisles. It’s nice to visit a community theater for a change instead of an anonymous googleplex. They even have a soundproof room upstairs for people who couldn’t get babysitters for their little ones.

I waited so long to see Borat that I’d already heard half the jokes, but I thought it was worth the hype and so wickedly funny in its targets. It will take years to obliterate the image of the wrestling scene from my mind. My favorite character was the prostitute and her sweet love story with Borat.

Right now Raimund is playing his drums and we’re going to the Record Archive, where I get so many of my fabulous dresses for about half the price that they’d be in Philly (as well as my white leather jacket). I also hope to visit Utta Clutta, where I bought my red dress with the bananas on it. The woman who runs it is like the Annie Potts character in Pretty In Pink, and the store is set up like someone’s house with lots of cool knick-knacks.

After our shopping, it’s dinner with the parents and then back to Philly. I swear I’m going to try to write in this thing every day even if I think it’s totally boring.


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