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I’m Movin

New digs: sarasherrATgmailDOTcom

Dear readers, please update your little black books! Thanks!

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Sugar Town Flier

st flier

In honor of Patti’s controversial induction into the RNR Hall of Fame, by Cathy Heard.

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Adventures in Babysitting


On Thursday night, I babysat for one-year-old Evan, son of Kirby, ex-boyfriend, former housemate and writing coach, and oldest dearest friend. Evan didn’t cry when his parents left for dinner. He pulled on my tights and looked up at me, as if to say, “Now what?” So we read the New York Times Magazine’s fashion issue (notice how he turns the pages without shredding them), danced to Lee Morgan’s “Sidewinder,” sang The Beatles’ “Drive My Car,” and watched “Jeopardy” together. Apparently, he likes the music and sounds there too.

I love other people’s kids.

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Official Sugar Town Line-Up


Patti Smith on a Soho rooftop, NYC, 1974. Photo by Allan Tannenbaum for Soho News.

Sugar Town, a night of lady rockers, DJ’s, drag, and writers:

Drag from Y FRONT
A reading from AMY Z. QUINN (i.e. Citizen Mom)
Saturday, 2/10
Tritone, 1508 South Street, 215-545-0475
9PM, $6, 21+


“My favorite tonight was this group called Voodoo Economics. They
sounded like my record collection just up and exploded, and shot out all
kinds of Rock shrapnel! The basslines were wicked — one second there
were straight funk grooves, the next it was all deep and distorted,
sorta like a punch in the gut. Alison Conard — that’s the singer —
spewed out Karen O.-style singin’. She played keyboard and guitar and
she was all over, too — from static-y post-punk to jazz fusion with
ease. Dance, electro, funk ‘n groove, prog, even — I shit you not —
Mahavishnu Orchestra! Seriously, it was a total mash of rock and
attitude.” (Andrew McGowan,

Jen is a decade-plus triple threat: singer/songwriter and soundwoman.
Lucky me, Sugar Town got her for all three! The Philadelphia City Paper
says: “The intersection of Patti Smith’s aggro-wretched poetry and
Marianne Faithfull’s sexually tormented purr is where you’ll find
tremulous tenor-voiced singer/songwriter Jen Hess. Whether you find her
on disc (try 1995’s Hess & Hotch with cellist Richard Hotchkiss and
2002’s Remains) or at Bar Noir’s “Jen’s Den,” Hess is never less than
entertaining, no matter how dark the saloon or her moody tunes might get.”

DJ JULIA FACTORIAL (WPRB, Radio On, Feytality, Homos Outta The Hacienda
your heart)
Her night Radio On!…is the perfect place to nerd out on obscure rock
n’ roll-esque hits alongside tons of danceable favorites. If you
listened to music alone in your room in high school and thought no one
understood, get ready to meet your people. You’ve got the Halo Benders
next to Stereo Total next Patsy Cline next to The Descendents next to
The Smiths next to Radio Birdman next to The Scientists and The
Raincoats, and lots of other stuff that I’m not hip enough to know. (Ted

DARSHANA & CHETANA BORAH (Last Love, Bombay to Brazil)
When the twosome closed up shop at their Silk City make-out fest Bombay
to Brazil, unhappy patrons were consoled by the fact the hardworking
ladies were just seeking a vacation. Their names began popping up every
now and again–Darshana’s on as a writer and Chetana’s as a
DJ at the occasional Sugar Town gig–though that still left their fans
pining for the days of their steady, sexy-as-hell, worldly DJ sets. Take
heart, local supporters. The ladies are back at last, loading up on the
tropicalia and Brazilian beats that made them such a fine catch in the
first place. (Suzann Vogel, PW)

The debut of the drag/performance art project by The Dumpsta Players’
“Chatty” Cathy Heard and Carolyn Chernoff (MF Clash, Girls DJ).

AMY Z. QUINN (Citizen Mom)
“…equal parts parenting and domesticity, politics and celebrity – with
regular reminders of what’s worth hearing that doesn’t involve Raffi or
Sesame Street..” (Dan Rubin, Philadelphia Inquirer)

Vending from MEW GALLERY (Carolynne McNeel from Rarebirds/Grammar Debate)

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My Second Favorite Single of 2007


Well so far anyway. I’m doing this in an attempt to remember what I was listening to and liking a year from now.

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Mug and Vogue


When the times with Ricky are good, they are excellent. And I’ll follow him everywhere, even if it’s a trip to the grocery store, because he can turn anything into an adventure that involves endless mugging, voguing, goofing, and fixing. Last night we went to someplace more exciting than the grocery store, the goth night at Shampoo, which I’ve visited twice, since I’ve never really been a goth and I always worked Thursday mornings.

Our friend Billy guest DJ’s with Kathy Fadigan in the 80s room, which is a total trip, because it’s all ages. Young shirtless gay boys and punk rock girls bounce around to songs made when they weren’t even born yet. I found myself appreciating Expose like I never did as a teenager, and really wanting to hear a segue into Taylor Dayne’s “Tell It To My Heart” or The Cover Girls. Instead Billy played a Kylie song and it was perfect.

I love the goth night because it’s totally not “cool,” not hipster, and even the worst fashion mishaps are at least original and interesting. I like being in the company of people dressed like Aeon Flux, Tank Girl, the Queen of Hearts, 50s noir starlets, and those whose clothing and shoes could double as weapons. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Eternal Questions


I don’t know Tastes Like Depeche Mode at all. Even if we never meet, based on today’s entry, she is my kinda people:

I’m personally sick of my polite and friendly manner being openly mocked by such folks. In their effort to be proles or recognize the struggle of every day people, they somehow have transcended themselves to a higher plane, maybe a karmic, cosmic, holier-than-thou playing field, where they are more subjugated, caged and misunderstood than anyone else. And this means that being nice, or polite and friendly, will undermine their “street cred” and show others that hey, maybe life just isn’t that bad.

If she has this shit figured out at 24, God bless her. Go into the light, girlfriend. Go. Into. The. Light.

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