You Must Be This Tall To Get the Fuck Out Of My Way

July 24, 2006 at 10:49 pm 2 comments


Enjoyed the Peaches/Eagles of Death Metal show thoroughly, but first I must address an issue near and dear to my 5’1″ heart. If you’re a big tall dude and you’re too much of a bitch to move back a bit, please don’t flail your arms when you dance. Save the cartwheels for the lobby. If you are accidentally punching people in the nose while dancing, and you’re not at a Slayer show, there is something seriously wrong. It’s good to get your freak on to Peaches. That’s what Peaches is for. But there was some strangely aggressive dancing going on last night by both men and women and I’ve been to lots and lots of shows and am used to being jostled. I have very strong mosh pit legs and can hold my own quite well. But please, Party Train Soldiers, respect the personal space of those around you.
So of course this discussion on the Rolling Stone Daily blog (which is already tons more useful and interesting than the damn magazine) hit home today. Defensive tall guys in the comment box of a Rolling Stone blog? Shockah! Props to Elizabeth Goodman for calling them on their bullshit.

And of course, the original source of tall guy show etiquette, Rob Sheffield:

Tall dudes, you know who you are. Why not hang in the back where the tall dudes go, instead of pushing up front to block the view like Rerun chasing the ice cream truck? I’m six-five, so I just lean against the wall. Honor the tall-rock-dude-code – or know that the rest of us are watching you and thinking, “Jesus, what a bitch.” I hate to imagine what the short girls behind you are thinking, but I’m safe to say they’re not planning to blow you.


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  • 1., culture, music and more:::  |  July 26, 2006 at 8:32 am

    […] >>> Aww, poor babies: Salt.Crewcial.Org, the messageboard for all of your entitled young(ish) graf thug posturing/public bullying of The National Eye needs is down. Maybe for good? Oh, now that’s just sad. [BCO/Some Other Board] >>> Hah-ha. Here’s one where people complain about noise in Northern Liberties. Oh, honey. You haven’t heard anything yet. [PhillyBlog] >>> Finally, Sara Sherr has a complaint. Tall guys, get on that. Or something. [RaisedByBees] ———- […]

  • 2. mts  |  July 26, 2006 at 8:44 pm

    looks like peaches is gonna have to get all fugazi on the fans before she starts her shows…


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