Where My Girls At

May 23, 2006 at 10:29 pm 1 comment


L-R: Slavid, Jimmi, Lance


Jimmi doing Streisand’s “Main Event” with John D as a boxer


Lance is pretty in pink as Dusty Springfield.

Earlier this month, a few of the Dumpstas played Equality Forum’s opening party at Woody’s, the big gay bar in town. These pics are taken by Nathalie Hope McDonald, a writer for City Paper and Philly Mag who shares about half the city in friends with me, but we just finally met that night. Unfortunately, I was only able to hear every third word of what she was saying, so hopefully we can talk in person without the thumpa-thumpa drowning us out.

I was honored to be asked, as a bio female, to perform with the queens as Mrs Miller, who is getting quite draggy these days. Her latest outfit was a green sparkly blouse and green hotpants.


Me as Mrs Miller at our April best-of show. Photo by Aaron.

Woody’s is kind of a fun place for a straight girl to hang out because it’s an escape from straight boy rock scene world, and the dramas and catty gossip seem more glamorous to someone on the outside. Plus I really enjoy watching all the Goldfrapp and Benassi Brothers videos, and tons of other weird cool stuff you never see on MTV or VH-1. But for the gay boys I know, sometimes it can be frustrating if they want to do more than go to the gym and shop at Abercrombie and Fitch.

While we got a good reception, much of the crowd has rather conservative, mainstream tastes and are not into drag. Even fewer of them understood what was up with my Mrs Miller character, and granted, she’s hard for me to bring out of the filthy context of Bob and Barbara’s, but that was still half the fun.

Here’s some more pics of us on our flickr page.

Oh and also, I goofed somewhere back there. Lori Hill actually runs the Culture Shock thing at City Paper. Brian Howard is probably doing 800 other equally important things as I blog about drag queens.


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  • 1. mts  |  May 30, 2006 at 11:38 pm

    thats the greatest photo of you. i think we need to use it on the plain parade website.


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