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Shout Outs

Some blogs I’m gonna start linking too:

Ant’s friend Leila Loves Television: It goes without saying that any friend of Ant’s is a friend of mine (except for a few asshole ILXors). Leila is a nanny and awesome karaoke singer who can make TV shows that I don’t care about and bra fittings sound interesting. In her honor, I considered renaming this blog Sara Loves Sleeping or Sara Loves Doritos.

Clog: These days, I don’t like agreeing with a site sometimes known as Barnyard Sex, but yeah, the graphic and the name are so college, and the folks who run it are definitely not. However, anything that involves more Ashlea Halpern is okay with me. And of course, Pat Rapa and Brian Howard. We need more good dudes on the internet. Oh yeah, and thanks for the link to this shitty, infrequently updated blog. For those who care, I contributed something to BH’s Culture Shock page.

Four Four: Another friend of Ant’s, at least on the internet. This guy alternately makes me want to write like mad, madly, and also to give it up. Case in point, his brilliant piece on the glorification of Mariah Carey. Thanks to Ant and Bryan for pointing this out to me.

And this isn’t a shout-out, but merely a question: Why do people who shop at Stupid & Crazy fail to understand that things are filed under people’s last names? Non-English speaking tourists are excused from this of course –just the dumbasses born in this country.

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My Quarterly Blog Post

Andy the boyfriend and his nephew Raimund

Sorry for my long absence. Apologies to all five of you. Mostly I’ve been too busy, tired, depressed or agitated to post, and my new rule for Bees is that I only rant about my personal life entertainingly. If it’s not funny to anyone, I’m not putting it here. With that said, I’m tempted to take down a bunch of entries from this blog, which are too personal and just poorly written. Some things just don’t belong on the internet and I’ve been very anti-internet lately.
Anyway, I’ll share the good news instead. Andy the Boyfriend is going to be shacking up with me and Ant here at the Two Street Rock Critic House. His love of pizza and bad cable TV and sympathy for the Shamrock Pub will make him the perfect resident here. And rock critics (even underacheiving ones like me and Ant) need civilians to hang with; you can always tell which writers are only talking to other writers. Andy’s also bringing his dog, a Beagle Lab named Chelsea, which will eliminate the need for me to ever sweep the kitchen floor ever again.
Yes, I’m gonna finally clean up the third floor and hang up all my clothes and deal with my office crap so the poor boy has a place to put his stuff. It’s really happening!
Otherwise, my life moves between lazy and busy. The Dumpsta Players did three shows in three months: a best-of, a benefit, and Prom Trash. We raised over $3,000 for our May 6 benefit for The Bryson Institute of The Attic Youth Center for L/G/B/T/Q Youth and SMART, Inc: sisterhood mobilized for Aids/HIV Research & Treatment. It’s nice to know that being a freak can help others in a real way.

For Prom Trash, Cathy and I entered as Punk Rock Siamese Twins. We put a trash bag over ourselves, Cathy wore a red wig that looks like my hair, and we wore Nancy Spungen-style make-up and shouted obscenities and spit up Pabt’s and pistachio pudding at everyone. We came in second to Slavid’s reigning queen, Amanda Playwythe, who showed up with her elderly husband (brilliantly played by her boyfriend), Anna Nicole-style.

Speaking of Nancy Spungen, I finally read And I Don’t Want To Live This Life, her mother’s story about Nancy’s short troubled life and notorious death. I believe that Nancy was “nauseating,” troubled, and brilliant; she’s a human being after all. It was such a heartbreaking read, since she never got the mental health care she needed. I wonder what she would be like today if there were more options available to her. I wish she’d been in a band instead of a groupie, at least that would have been place to direct her fury. Would she be like Courtney Love, alternately falling down and getting back up again into her 40s? I can’t imagine being a member of the Spungen family. After reading the book, I hoped that her sister Suzy went on to be a famous artist. She was the one I identified with the most: loving and hating and revering and reviling someone all at the same time.

Oh and finally, Maria posted Plain Parade’s entire history here. Commentary forthcoming. As always, hugs to anyone who played a show with us, spent their hard-earned dollars on our shows, wrote about us, or told us to keep fightin the good fight — especially during our dark Doc Watson’s daze. It keeps me coming back year after year.

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