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Thanks to everyone who took the time listen or write back to me and Maria. It means a lot. I’m sorry for taking so long to respond. This is the first time I’ve been in front of a computer all day.

Not only was this a hoax, but it was someone impersonating this group. There was also a similar exchange with Philebrity. Myspace has been contacted and there will be more legal action taken.

okay. the update is that it’s a hoax – a fake myspace account was set up called ‘philly’s pissed/philly stands up’. you can tell because it says it’s a 20-year-old female. [ours says we’re a 35-year-old man.] someone set up this fake account and sent this fake call-out to plain parade.

it was not us.

we’re sorry that this happened.

questions can be directed towards me.

thanks lots,

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Needless to say, I slept like shit last night. When I did sleep, I dreamt about an old writer friend of mine. He’s somewhat reviled but I personally have nothing against him. He’s been nothing but friendly and respectful toward me and my endeavors. The only thing that I remember right now is that he was giving some presentation in a clearing in a forest. He’d burned a hole in the ground in the shape of the state of Pennsylvania. He handed me “the torch,” which was actually this giant heavy pole hundreds of feet high. I could barely hold it up, I was afraid I was going to burn the forest down. He snatched it back from me and said, “C’mon Sara, you can’t handle Superchunk?” I think that was the band he mentioned.

So weird and funny.

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Take Back The … ?

The sweet delicious irony of feminists threatening other feminists right now is kind of lost on me. Though a couple of West Philly friends have intervened, today I’m just feeling angry. For those who haven’t already gotten Plain Parade’s missive, read it on Maria’s blog.

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Cuz I’m A Blonde

It’s official. I went to Twist and dyed my hair blonde today. Amy has been thinking about my haircut and color for the past two months. I love going to Twist because it’s like being in a big rock n roll sister’s bedroom. Walls painted silver, posters of the Stones, Bowie, T. Rex, and then little pics from music mags of Gwen and Courtney and Brody. Like a sister, Amy and I gossip about our lives, mainly about our dreams and loves and disappointments and of course, hair. We never hang out much, other than the few times I’ve booked her band, but we talk like old best friends or sisters when she does my hair.

So anyway, two monhs ago, I showed her pics of Sienna Miller’s new Edie Sedgwick-inspired ‘do and I wondered if I can do it, and she said “yes!” So today we spent about three hours, two processes, two conditions, getting my hair blonde. Other people’s have taken even longer, people with longer hair mostly. Short hair is easy to fuck with.

So tonight I went to a pirate birthday party and everyone ooh and ah’d. At home before I went out, I tried to take a picture of myself but I have not mastered the art of myspace digital camera girl self portrait yet and my nose looks huge. Tried to get Ricky to take my picture tonight with the fake swords that make a register cha-ching noise and he took a close up of my tits instead. It is hearwarming to know that gay men love tits.

More links and pics later, tired and drunk.

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Diversity in the Workplace

Lately, they’ve been hiring people who can’t read, and you don’t exactly need to be a Harvard grad for this kind of reading, I would say kindergarten grad, tops. So since my bosses are doing away with worrying about actual people with basic skills to do my job, I’ve come up with some more suggestions:

–People with no arms

–The blind (since they would file better than some of our current employees)

–A head inside a jar

Let’s give back to the community!

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Where My Girls At


L-R: Slavid, Jimmi, Lance


Jimmi doing Streisand’s “Main Event” with John D as a boxer


Lance is pretty in pink as Dusty Springfield.

Earlier this month, a few of the Dumpstas played Equality Forum’s opening party at Woody’s, the big gay bar in town. These pics are taken by Nathalie Hope McDonald, a writer for City Paper and Philly Mag who shares about half the city in friends with me, but we just finally met that night. Unfortunately, I was only able to hear every third word of what she was saying, so hopefully we can talk in person without the thumpa-thumpa drowning us out.

I was honored to be asked, as a bio female, to perform with the queens as Mrs Miller, who is getting quite draggy these days. Her latest outfit was a green sparkly blouse and green hotpants.


Me as Mrs Miller at our April best-of show. Photo by Aaron.

Woody’s is kind of a fun place for a straight girl to hang out because it’s an escape from straight boy rock scene world, and the dramas and catty gossip seem more glamorous to someone on the outside. Plus I really enjoy watching all the Goldfrapp and Benassi Brothers videos, and tons of other weird cool stuff you never see on MTV or VH-1. But for the gay boys I know, sometimes it can be frustrating if they want to do more than go to the gym and shop at Abercrombie and Fitch.

While we got a good reception, much of the crowd has rather conservative, mainstream tastes and are not into drag. Even fewer of them understood what was up with my Mrs Miller character, and granted, she’s hard for me to bring out of the filthy context of Bob and Barbara’s, but that was still half the fun.

Here’s some more pics of us on our flickr page.

Oh and also, I goofed somewhere back there. Lori Hill actually runs the Culture Shock thing at City Paper. Brian Howard is probably doing 800 other equally important things as I blog about drag queens.

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Shout Outs

Some blogs I’m gonna start linking too:

Ant’s friend Leila Loves Television: It goes without saying that any friend of Ant’s is a friend of mine (except for a few asshole ILXors). Leila is a nanny and awesome karaoke singer who can make TV shows that I don’t care about and bra fittings sound interesting. In her honor, I considered renaming this blog Sara Loves Sleeping or Sara Loves Doritos.

Clog: These days, I don’t like agreeing with a site sometimes known as Barnyard Sex, but yeah, the graphic and the name are so college, and the folks who run it are definitely not. However, anything that involves more Ashlea Halpern is okay with me. And of course, Pat Rapa and Brian Howard. We need more good dudes on the internet. Oh yeah, and thanks for the link to this shitty, infrequently updated blog. For those who care, I contributed something to BH’s Culture Shock page.

Four Four: Another friend of Ant’s, at least on the internet. This guy alternately makes me want to write like mad, madly, and also to give it up. Case in point, his brilliant piece on the glorification of Mariah Carey. Thanks to Ant and Bryan for pointing this out to me.

And this isn’t a shout-out, but merely a question: Why do people who shop at Stupid & Crazy fail to understand that things are filed under people’s last names? Non-English speaking tourists are excused from this of course –just the dumbasses born in this country.

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