Movies I Watched With Ant While Snowed In

February 14, 2006 at 9:42 pm 2 comments


To tell you the truth, much of it’s a blur of wine, Doritos, and Wawa cold cuts.

Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle: Like Cheech & Chong but hotter and smarter. I don’t know if the Jew neighbors were a good or a bad stereotype, but at least they were the only white characters who were sympathetic to their plight and not assholes, which might be kind of like real life. I would watch more movies with Kumar as the male lead. I think it’s an untapped market.

Me and You and Everyone We Know:
All the adult characters talked in martian poetry which would have been forgiveable if any of them were likeable. I ilked the children the best, especially the youngest boy who coined the phrase “pooping back and forth.” I want an excuse to say that to someone. Plus like, Miranda July might be a rad artist and all, but she still upholds the indie film female ideal: skinny, flatchested, cryptic but non-threatening.

Born To Boogie: I would like to live in Marc Bolan’s curls. My favorite parts were the Monty Python-esque vignettes, like the one of a picnic with nuns eating hamburgers and a vampire and a string quartet and Marc Bolan singing shooby-dooby in his Mad Hatter hat. My favorite part of the concert footage was the audience. All the girls look like Amy DiCamillo of Undergirl and all the boys look like Kurt Heasley from The Lilys. Or maybe I have it backwards.


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No Alphabet, No Sex Okay

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  • 1. jedwardkeyes  |  February 17, 2006 at 11:14 am

    Me & You & Everyone was so insanely overrated. Ten minutes into the movie, I wanted to throttle everybody. The worst example of an artist who is so cloistered in her own world that she has no idea how real people talk and act.

  • 2. trishylicious  |  March 6, 2006 at 7:47 pm

    the first 20 minutes or so of me, you and everyone we know was sucktastic in some ways, but hilarious in others — especially if you’ve ever gone to art school. it was like, bad but she knew it was bad, so that made it almost ok in a surreal f’ed up kind of way. especially that crappy film she was making in the film.
    kind of like self-referential bs.

    the kids in the film were awesome though! especially the youngest kid. but the two teenage girls with the bj contest… at that point in the flick i was drawn in and couldn’t let go. it was like each scene kept getting better and better with them.
    and i love the whole huge big joke about the art curator bitch who is seriously into the AIM messaging and has no idea she’s messaging a 6 yr old or however old he is. She takes herself so seriously in her search for art and perversion and the joke’s so on her… hahaha.


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