No More Fireman For You

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At Stupid and Crazy we got an extra rack for our Rap and Dance sections, two of the most crowded in the store. Rap is crowded because there is too many Chopped and Screwed CD’s that do not sell. I guess Philly is not ready for the Tussin Rap explosion yet. We still like our rap fast and loud. DJ Screw died for our sins apparently.

Dance is packed tight because of all the imports we can’t return, and without the aid of my co-worker Rob (who left us for NYC), I am left to figure out the Dance section all by my lonesome, which means I put things up on the Dance listening stations that we have the most copies of, with the most interesting covers, which narrows it down to oh, about nothing.

I bring up the listening station because when I shifted the rap CD’s into the new rack and got to the section in front of the Hot Shit Listening Station (new releases from Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Biggie, MF Doom, Alkaholiks, Juelz Santana), the empty racks looked like the tables at Wendy’s after lunch hour. They were filled with sunflower seed casings, chewed-up lollipop sticks, potato chip crumbs, I mean just triflin. No other listening station in the entire store looks like that, and I’m not trying to say anything untoward about our African-American clientele, as the R&B and Gospel l.s.’s are in reasonable condition.

We got scanners a couple of months ago, and since the scanners don’t work for imports and new releases that are a month or two old, I try to put those titles in the conventional listening stations, especially in rap, when something is considered old after it’s been out for ten minutes. And this is the thanks I get? I almost want to shut down the Hot Shit Listening Station and put up a sign that says: “I’m not your mama! Clean up after your triflin selves or no more bangin beats for you!”

I’m trying to be patient and understanding since Coconuts shut down this week, the only other rekkid store in our neck of the woods, and the place that sells the most forgotten things in the music industry: cassettes. So lots of people are wandering in, as if they were just transported by a Delorean from 1989 or so, and utterly crestfallen at our lack of cassette/Walkmen selection. I can’t typecast them. They are young and old, male and female, black and white, homeless and healthy. They are from the Land of the Lost and I have no answers for them.


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