Livejournal – Pro or Con

January 11, 2006 at 8:06 pm 5 comments

I’ve been thinking a lot about what to do with this blog. And although it is a personal blog, I feel that some things are still too personal for the internet. Other things could get me fired. (Notice that I don’t unfavorably talk about my bosses, co-workers, or much in the way of procedures or “company secrets.”) Though I strongly believe that writers write, and often the best stuff comes from the personal, the unflattering, and the ugly, I’m thinking of getting a friends-only live journal. For the most part, the account will serve to read my other friends who are friends only.

The blog will continue to be candid, but I’ve got too many bad, disgusting secrets that I want to write about, just not for public consumption.

To my readers, do you have a live journal? Is it friends only? Why or why not?


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Groundhog Day Firemaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!

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  • 1. fredricjoss  |  January 14, 2006 at 9:57 am

    Sometimes I write things down when I need it to be just for me. For the most part though, I blow off whatever steam I need to by talking to my friends about things I despise, like certain co-workers or would-be boyfriends who need to be taught how to be a good boyfriend. I think a live journal just for you could be a good idea, or maybe an anonymous blog where people don’t know it’s you writing about certain things.

  • 2. stevienixed  |  January 14, 2006 at 1:26 pm

    I think I still have an account but didn’t really use it for personal *things*. I did for a couple of days but realized few people would be interested and that I’m not that much of a *flasher*.

  • 3. Marvin  |  January 16, 2006 at 5:12 pm

    My Livejournal is public for the most part, with some things friends-only. I keep it that way because I also write it for people who don’t have LJ accounts but want to keep up on my life. Most of it I can write about publicly. But who knows, maybe I’ll make it friends-only sometime.

  • 4. Candicissima  |  January 17, 2006 at 11:08 pm

    I just got a friends only LJ, mainly because I became friends with a bunch of new people who have them. It’s great because it’s like when I first started my blog and no one except people I told about it was reading it. I still try to pretend it’s that way…until I get a random comment from a stranger who thinks they know everything there is to know about me. Which frankly, creeps me out.

  • 5. spygirl  |  January 18, 2006 at 5:55 pm

    i have one. i use it all the time, mostly to keep in touch with people i don’t see anymore. if you had a lj, you could be one of those people looking at my blog and keeping up and vice versa. i know that you would benefit from a personal blog, it’s so much more freeing. also, you have filters, so only certain people see certain posts, etc. it’s handy for getting advice from a select group, or telling select secrets to special people. plus you’d be able to talk about work stuff as well as emotional stuff. plus, it’s free, so really – it’s a no-brainer.


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