Stupid and Crazy Customer Trading Cards

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Mr Natural


Also called The Garden Gnome.
He is about four feet tall. He comes into the store every day with a full, very dirty S&C shopping bag filled with CD’s. He pores over every CD, including the same ones that have been sitting on the carts waiting to be filed and the import clearance section with a magnifying glass. He pretty much only buys oldies and will order one of nine million Buddy Holly CD’s that we don’t have and then not leave his phone number. He smells very bad. He announces how much money he’s spent on CD’s but can’t afford shampoo, soap, or detergent. He looks like he’s been riding the rails but some of the clerks say that he owns a rowhome in Northeast Philly. Getting into a conversation with him is the worst, because he will either say something gross or answer a question with “Whut? Whut? Whut?” This happens repeatedly while you are answering him. When I see him I try to hide; it’s like coming home to cockroaches scurrying in your kitchen. Fortunately I don’t have that problem in my current home, but this is how badly Mr Natural creeps me out.


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