Totes Blogging in 2006

January 3, 2006 at 2:03 am 3 comments


Pic by James, who has the same birthday as me. See more of them here.

This post is dedicated to former Philadelphian and record store queen Jackie Zahn, who moved to Austin years ago and then showed up at my party totally by surprise. I always totally worshipped her and was honored that she gave me the time of day while she lived here, since she had more glamorous indie rock drinking partners at the time. And what was the first thing out of her mouth when she saw me? “Update your blog!”

This year was my first New Year’s at Mummer’s Central, and for my neighborhood, New Year’s Eve lasts for about 48 hours. How do these people drink and play music and yell and scream and squirt silly string on end? Such stamina. Seriously.


The Two Street Rockin Rock Critic Eve started and ended with an obscene amount of booze, from about 5 people until the hours of 11 and 12:30 when it seemed like 50. And in between that time, me, Cathy, and Amanda decided to have a show on my bed — for ourselves. Since I never hang up my clothes, I started putting my clothes on Cathy. I think at one point she was wearing about six articles of my clothing at once. Amanda tried on a gold sparkly dress that has only fit me when I lost weight on Weight Watchers or acid reflux. And then I put on Amanda’s blouse.


There was a disconnect I guess. Some people thought that my bedroom was the Get High Room. Other people thought it would be the Naked Girls Make Out Room (which was so not happening, the show was for us to goof on ourselves). Then one of my guy friends got really excited when I let him wear one of my skirts as a wrap and an elastic blue flowered skirt to wear in place of his pants, which he offered to me as a swap and I turned down. He was so elated to wear the blue skirt that I let him wear it home. I’m sure he woke up the next day wondering why he had a skirt on under his pants.

Out of the kindness of my heart, and because I am dork-identified, I invite socially awkward people to my party, if they are part of the general cluster of my friends, even if I’m not all that close to them. I am going to have to start rethinking that policy, since all of the men that I’m thinking of are getting too old to get drunk and turn Beavis and Butthead Dorkazoid. At least three of them put their hands in yummy peanut pasta that Trishy made and shoved it in their pockets. Two of them could not remember to close the door to my house after re-entering a couple of times. At least one of them offended my housemate and this is a man who will tolerate Fred Durst and R Kelly, so that is saying something.

But nothing was irreparably damaged. Four houseguests and one dog successfully slept here.

The next day we walked down Two Street over to JT and Helen’s house, and watched pure Mummery in action. Maria took some amazing photos on Helen’s new camera, which will hopefully be posted somewhere.



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  • 1. James  |  January 3, 2006 at 10:37 am

    Awesome! I’m flattered you’re using my shots. You always look classy with a glass in your hand. I had such a blast at your party… Normally I hate NYE, but I had such a good time. Make sure you thank Andy and Anthony for me.

  • 2. waffle  |  January 7, 2006 at 4:52 pm

    I’ve gotta admit that I expected the mummers movie to be footage of a guy in a peacock jumpsuit relieving himself against a wall. The event has a rep, what can I say?
    Sounds like a lot of fun. You are kinda soft-pedaling it when you say these pasta pocket guys are socially awkward. I thought you just made time for us mediocre conversationalists!

  • 3. mts  |  February 12, 2006 at 8:14 pm

    i thought there was going to be “totes bloggin in 2006”????


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