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Happy Holidaze, Stupid and Crazy


I haven’t done an S&C retail dispatch in a while. So here you go, a couple of gems:

“Y’all got the new Kanye West?”

“Yes, it’s in rap, under W.”

“Why don’t you have it up front? It’s brand new.”

“Because it came out in August.”

“No I said Jamie Foxx. Where you get Kanye West from?”

“I just heard a song today. Can you help me find it? ‘Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’ll be home for Chriiiiiiiiiistmas…'”

“Do you know who does it? A lot of people have done that song.”

“No… goes, ‘Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’ll be home for Chriiiiiiiiiiiiiistmas…”

“How about Bing Crosby?”

“Nope that’s not it.”

Hours later, we heard the Bing Crosby version on Now That’s What I Call Christmas. I hope dude made it home for Christmas.

Things that we sold out of:
Scream Tour DVD
Neil Young
Jackson 5 Christmas
Salsoul Orchestra Christmas (Note, people who ask for this have very pronounced Philadelphia accents).
Strangest search on this blog: “does bow wow have armpit hair”

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(I Can’t Get No) Cooperation

Today is my little sister’s birthay. She turned 31. We are five years and four days apart. I guess our parents really liked the month of March. I called to wish her a happy birthday and we were interrupted by sounds of despair from the twins. Something to do with a kiddie table that they were taking apart and trying to sit on simultaneously. My sister and I are polar opposites in every way but there is mutual respect and protectiveness between us. She always gets me really good clothes for my birthday so I returned the favor by buying her a black velvet blazer. I bought the babies some CD’s because they really love music. At their young ages, they get really excited and bounce around to any music at all, even stuff in commercials. Plus I really would like to tear them away from the giant TV for half a second. I’m glad so now I have an excuse to buy Sesame Street’s Born To Add. Also, if there are classic rock parodies on it, my sister and her husband will enjoy listening to it to. The important thing with kiddie music or DVD’s is to include jokes for the parents. It’s a delicate balance.

I love this cover:

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Let Products Sell Themselves


David Rees on D.Boon:

-The Minutemen’s catalytic philosophy–that “punk is whatever we make it to be,” that any group of kids could pick up instruments and make artistic, innovative, impossible music without worrying about cliques, categories, or condemnation; even working-class kids from San Pedro like Boon and Watt–is the greatest band philosophy of all time.

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