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Why Was I Only 10 In 1980?


I stumbled across this site, which is where I found the Blondie image in the previous entry. An interesting look at punk/new wave Philadelphia in the 80s. I think I spotted a couple of Jay Schwartz Hot Club fliers.

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Philadelphia: It’s Bad For You


Posted on Tue, Dec. 13, 2005

Inqlings | Philly recaptures a ‘worst environment’ title

By Michael Klein

Inquirer Columnist

Self Magazine is out with its sixth annual America’s Healthiest Places for Women list in its December issue, and – as usual – Philly didn’t fare so hot.

Overall, the city placed 88th out of 100 ranked metro areas. Last year, Philly was 100th out of 200.

Self staff evaluates 49 factors, including body-mass index, heart disease and smoking rates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, environmental statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, and crime figures from the FBI.

The healthiest area was Long Island, N.Y., followed by San Jose and Orange County, Calif., Burlington, Vt., and San Francisco.

Rated worst: Cincinnati, followed by Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Okla., Dayton-Springfield, Ohio, and Memphis, Tenn.

Philly did have one distinction this time out: It was dubbed “worst environment,” a title it also won in the 2002 and 2003 surveys based on air quality, the number of toxic sites, and the amount of green space.

What happened in 2004? “We didn’t do ‘worst environment’ that year,” says news director Sara Austin. “We did ‘worst air.’ ”

Guess who “won” that one

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Queen of All Media


Our domination of Philadelphia media continues. I like the cartoon version of us, except I think in the cartoon, we should book bands in space.


It was a good piece except we are not officially a label. But that just makes us sound more important.

By the way, the reading went well last night, as I managed to not read like an auctioneer. For those who weren’t there, WXPN is airing it at 10:00 p.m. on Thursday December 15, and the stuff will be up on the KWH site soon.

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