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I’m Reading at the Kelly Writers House

Monday, 12/12
at the University of Pennsylvania
3805 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104
fax: 215.573.9750

* 8:00 PM in the Arts Cafe: LIVE at the Writers House tapes with
host Michaela Majoun. Join us for this month’s LIVE at the Writers
House features the fantastic women music writers Sara Sherr, Daphne
Carr, Daphne Brooks, Maura Johnston and Doree Shafrir with musical
guest Buried Beds. LIVE at the Writers House airs on 88.5 WXPN – be a
part of the live audience!

Daphne Carr is a first year graduate student of ethnomusicology
at Columbia University. She is pursuing study in the political economy,
social meaning and production of popular music in the former
Czechoslovakia from the late 1960s to the present. She currently serves
as music features editor for Stop Smiling Magazine and has written for
the Seattle Weekly, Chicago Tribune, MOJO, the Wire, the Nation, the
Village Voice and dozens of small, independent publications. She is
also currently working on a book of oral histories collected in the
Wildwoods, three adjacent shore towns on a barrier island in Southern
New Jersey.

Daphne A. Brooks is an assistant professor at Princeton
University where she teaches courses in English, African-American
Studies and popular music studies. She is currently completing two
books: Bodies in Dissent: Performing Race, Gender, and Nation in the
Trans-Atlantic Imaginary (Duke UP, forthcoming) and Jeff Buckley’s
Grace (Continuum, 2005).

Maura Johnston got into the whole Internet racket early enough to
have her first name be her domain name. Her writing on music, culture,
and technology has appeared in publications such as the Philadelphia
City Paper, Blender, Ms., and Words! Words! Words! Her first collection
of short stories, Help Wanted, was published by So New Publishing in
2002. Maura lives in Astoria, N.Y.

Doree Shafrir is the former A&E editor at Philadelphia Weekly,
where she also founded and hosted the monthly reading series Lit &
Whimsy. She’s currently a student at Columbia Journalism School
specializing in arts and culture journalism, and continues to write
about music and pop culture for PW. She’s also contributed to Radar
Online, the New York Observer,, the New Republic Online
and XXL Magazine.

Buried Beds is a Philadelphia band that culls its sound from the
vast traditions of American music. From sultry, innocent vocals
reminiscent of Atlantic Records’ foray into the American South, to the
Appalachia-tinged banjo picking and harmonizing vocals quintessential
of that high lonesome sound, Buried Beds ties it all together with lush
pop arrangements rarely seen in today’s Americana. Buried Beds was
named “Best Band” in Philadelphia Magazine’s “Best of Philly 2004”

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Hi Mom


My mother finally figured out how to use google and was impressed at my amount of search results. There’s really nothing on here that she probably doesn’t know about me already, besides how damn goofy this blog is. My father who is way more tech savvy, has not found the blog yet, or at least hasn’t told me, and he would.

My Mom also told me that my nephews really liked their presents. I wanted to get them some Tonka trucks, but none of Target’s selection were age appropriate and besides, I’m not buying them humvees. So I got them a dumptruck that picks up blocks and makes “honk honk vroom vroom” noises and a school bus that sings “the wheels on the bus go round and round.” I was worried that the people in the bus would be too small for them, but according to my Mom, one of my nephews takes the peole out of the bus and holds them. For Hanukkah, I want to buy them some shakers that they played with at their party since they cried when Elmo and the clown lady took them away.

To the Bees reading audience: Do your parents read your blog or even know about it? What do they think?

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Christmas Music Store Rock – Holiday Edition


It would be funnier if it were a Tenacious D album.

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