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An Alternative to Adam Sandler

My favorite scene from Jesus Is Magic

While I have mixed feelings on Sarah Silverman’s cutsey-pooh racist jokes, I’m glad she wrote “Give the Jew Girl Toys.” Because if I hear that Adam Sandler song one more time, I’m gonna plotz (though I still kinda like it when he rhymes Dinah Shor-ah with Menorah).

Thanks, Stereogum, from the other half of herjazz.

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Something That Makes Me Smile Everyday


The infamous Chardonna Jenkins from The Dumpsta Players has a blog. Watch out, y’all. That bitch is funny.

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And Now For Your Moment of Zen


My nephews at their first birthday party last weekend not noticing the giant Elmo behind them.

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Mommy What’s A Ternt?


My fellow merch co-workers and I have been puzzling over this word. It’s our favorite word, since “pun pun” (which seems to be a genre for the dancehall version of “Girls Gone Wild”).

Does anyone in the reading audience speak crunk?

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Guitars Like Skyscrapers


Today Maura and I are thinking alike. On her latest blog post she describes exactly what I hate about bands like My Chemical Romance (I love their videos, with the sound down), Fallout Boy, and every Matrix dominatrix from Avril to Liz: “vocals styles may change, but the kids of america will always love guitars that sound like they were structured to resemble 85-story skyscrapers.”

I was just having this conversation with Anthony in the hallway about an hour ago about what bugged me about the Lindsay Lohan album that I heard at work. Anthony likes guitars like skyscrapers. To me, skyscraper guitars come off as hard and shiny and they make my teeth hurt. I don’t know much about production but can we make that stop now please? It’s like putting a pound of sugar on a scoop of ice cream.

My fave guitar sounds: the late, lamented Link Wray’s “Rumble,” MC5’s “Lookin At You,” the Isaac Hayes version of “Walk On By,” anything Johnny Ramone ever played, the first Throwing Muses LP, James Honeyman-Scott’s closing riff on The Pretenders’ “Two Birds of Paradise,” The Count Five’s “Psychotic Reaction,” Beck’s stolen Troggs riff in “Devil’s Haircut,” the list goes on. I guess I’m not a digital, compressed kind of gal. I don’t think guitars should be taller than William Penn’s hat. I’m also not a fan of the neutered guitars on Triple AAA recordings either.

But seriously, I know nothing about production. I just know what my ears like and what makes my teeth hurt.

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