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Me in Ten Years?


My fave Fastbacks song was always “My Letters.” I saw KW on myspace and requested her “friendship.” Her profile is really ramble-y and interesting.

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Why I Don’t Give A Fuck About the Ying Yang Twins Right Now

Showing bad timing as well as bad judgment, House Republicans chose the days
before this weekend’s patriotic holiday to deny needed health services to
women serving the nation in the military.

On Tuesday, Republican leaders had the Rules Committee block the House from
voting on two modest amendments to the military authorization bill that were
intended to remove ideological barriers to providing decent care to military
women who are victims of sexual assault. One amendment, offered by
Representative Michael Michaud, a Maine Democrat, would have ensured that
so-called morning-after emergency contraception, which can prevent pregnancy
if taken within 120 hours of unprotected sex, was made available to sexual
assault victims at military bases. The other, sponsored by Representatives
Christopher Shays, Republican of Connecticut, and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz,
Democrat of Florida, would have carved out a narrow exception to the ban on
federal financing of abortions, for military women who have suffered rape or

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Happy Memorial Day, Stupid and Crazy


What is wrong with people today? Get the hell out of the record store! Don’t you have some meat to grill, some tofu dogs, some beer to drink, or some shit? Even if you don’t have anyone to memorialize, make someone up, like a dead pet from the past, or better yet, drink to forget?

Come to think of it, my dad used to take me shopping on Memorial Day in New Hope and buy me dresses and records. That’s where the habit started.

Oh and by the way, sorry Bader, working retail was never cool. I wish it was as poetic as the way you described it. Girls (or their male counterparts) who look like the photo above don’t come visit you at record stores. They look more like this:


I never got any love from record store customers that didn’t totally frighten me (co-workers, that’s another story). You did the right thing, Bader. Delivering pizza gets you away from the public and you get tips.

May 30, 2005 at 7:15 pm 2 comments

Love is a Maneater


This is me as John Oates at Prom Trash suckling at contestant Miss Pinky Bear. More pics of me sodomizing Cathy as Hall forthcoming.

My Pat Benatar costume came in third place at Cathy’s 30th birthday party. The theme was rock stars who are dead and/or over 30. I can’t decide if I look badass or just haggy in this pic or a little of both. While it was fun to walk around wearing things that I wasn’t allowed to wear in the 8th grade, I felt kind of stupid in this outfit, but Maria says that I should wear it to Click sometime. The guy who won came dressed as GG Allin, and if you are going to walk around all night in your underwear wearing scary facial hair, that deserves first place.

Also represented: Adam Ant, Michael Stipe, Axl and Slash, Freddie Mercury, Tiffany, The Devil, and even Georgia and Ira from Yo La Tengo. Miss Pinkybear said she was glam rock, because “glam rock is dead,” but then decided that she was The Tubes’ Fee Waybill. Ricky had told me earlier he was going to be Aldo Nova, but then decided to be Mama Cass.

Cathy was Parallel Lines-era Debbie Harry, a costume that I tried and failed at several years ago. She looked amazing as always. You can’t see in this picture but she was wearing shiny red pumps with zippers on the sides. Cathy also dressed up our friend Sylvie as Tina Turner. I think Sylvie should dress this way more often. She looks hot.

Cathy’s boyfriend James was Joey Ramone. They are trying to recreate a classic shot from the Please Kill Me-era and it’s pretty damn close.

This is Carl as Cyndi Lauper, and next to him Mike as Michael Stipe. (He shaved his head, that’s dedication). Carl wore this costume the night before while performing “She Bop” at the Axi Tribute, which I need to write about. Next time!

May 23, 2005 at 11:21 pm 1 comment

Speaking of Batshit Crazy


Or why church and state need to stay separated in this hypocritical country of ours. This is just so sad.

SHAIMA REZAYEE was the face of a new generation of young Afghan women: she discarded her shalwar kameez and burkha for Western clothes and a glamorous job as a television presenter on Kabul’s answer to MTV.

But two months ago her bosses were forced to dismiss Ms Rezayee, 24, under pressure from conservative mullahs who were disgusted by the “unIslamic values” of her music show.

This week she paid for her unconventional choices with her life: she was shot dead in her home by an unknown assailant.

May 21, 2005 at 3:08 pm 1 comment

To Gang of Four or Not



6. Gang of Four
Punk academics who read a lot and wrote clunky anthems about how the false consciousness of consumer culture corrupts everybody except the lucky few wise enough to purchase Gang Of Four records.

Also: I like the female versions of Gang of Four much better. I’d be much more excited about a Liliput reunion, and nothing in the GO4 catalog (or their fashionista imitators) rocks me as much as Delta 5’s “Mind Your Own Business.”

Also in the “con” column: I have to pay for it and money is tight as I’m freaked out about moving. I also have an awesome 30th costume birthday party to go to in West Philly where the theme is Rock Stars Who are Over 30 or Dead. I’m either gonna be Dusty Springfield if it’s still wig weather or Pat Benatar if it’s not (since that’s the only rock star thing I can do with my hair sans wig).

I could conceivably go to both but they are far away from each other and would involve costume changes. (How rock and roll).

And also, while in West Philly, I want to stop by and look at the Motherfucking Clash residence, as my DJ partner Miss Meow has been the first person to offer to house me.

So you see, fun is calling me, and it’s saying go west tonight and perhaps, permanently if the price is right.

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Random Bits of Business

Since Raised By Bees moved from Movable Type to Word Press, I have much to do here. Maria made the switch while I was in Seattle, so I’m still playing catch-up, as sad as that sounds. I have to put some links back up here and fix all the broken images, not to mention my take on the EMP. Also if anyone cares, this blog is now a year old. I can’t believe I’m still doing this thing. Thanks to my loyal readers.

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The Hold Steady Isn’t Killing Me


While it’s nice to see a non-fashionista band get props from the rock crit cabal (and countless bloggers) for a change, I really don’t see what the big deal is. I don’t have anything against them. I like the lyrics but the music is just kind of bar band blah. I end up liking the reviews of them better than my actual listening experience. The regular guy thing has been done more interestingly, usually by bands and places off of the NY rock crit radar, like say, The Bamboo Kids. Or those on the rock crit love list, like The Heartless Bastards (it’s regular gal rock, but pretty universal).

It seems like The Hold Steady is a mouthpiece for recovering Catholic rock critic dudes who still like to spank it to Catholic school girls, or more importantly, their memories of them. I grew up with Catholic school girls on my block and they were nasty, nasty bitches. And they probably still live on my block, or around the corner with 11 kids because some dude in Italy told them that birth control is wrong. Have I also mentioned that Catholicism is the most evil batshit crazy religion out there? Most Catholic guys I know are damaged right out of the gate, before life even gets to them. I can’t imagine growing up being told that if you masturbate God will strike you down with a lightning bolt and then you have to talk to some pervy stranger in a box? And those Catholic girls are nasty for a reason. I’d be cranky if I tried to wait until marriage too. Bono was quoted in Rolling Stone as describing it as the “glam rock of religions.” Well I guess when you’re talking about fucking young boys, I guess you’re right.

Don’t get me wrong. Judaism is a total guilt-fest too, which is why I don’t feel very close to it beyond East Coast culture and sensibilities. Maybe I’m just cranky because I think religion is private and it’s everywhere these days where it doesn’t belong.

But I’m digressing. What am I missing in the Hold Steady? Everyone is apeshit over them, including my most hype-proof, sensible friends.

May 21, 2005 at 11:53 am 7 comments

Girl I’ll House You, Part II

I’ve just been informed by my housemate that he and his woman are shacking up in the near future and he’s selling the house, thus ending my impossibly affordable Queen Village residency.

Basically, I’ll be looking for some sort of roomie situation or other sorts of affordable housing. If anyone hears of anything in the coming weeks, please drop me a line:

I’m a good roomie because:
–I don’t smoke tobacco on a regular basis, and most of my drug use is prescription.
–I like pets provided they are friendly and don’t make me sneeze, and I have no pets of my own.
–I’m responsible and respectful.
–Since I’m a busy lady, I’m never home, so I will not be up in your business.
–If you need more friends, I know lots of people. If you don’t like lots of people, again, I’m never home.
–I’m generous with my large CD collection.

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Remembering Axi


Fri. May 20th
Hosted by: DEATH TARTE
SHOOTING ROPES (Steph from Stargazer & LotSix)
MAPLE RABBIT (Ex Ed & Georgie)
CARL from Dumpsta Players
KAREN, PAUL & STEPH (Ex red skate red)
Special Guest Stars
Video feature about Axi
DANCE PARTY after performances!

Donations for WAVE (Womens Anti Violence Education) and Axi’s Mother for traveling
to Phila.
@ The Rotunda 4014 Walnut St. 7pm
Presented by Samantha Barrow and Sharon Wasko
For more info-

Formal services are important, but
those of us who were friends with the late great
Axi Nue don’t remember her for somber
quietude. We remember dancing and singing and
celebration, among a million other things.
Come on out to share* YOUR memories while we
dance, cry, sing and love.

*Please bring photos, drawings,stories, writings, fliers, newsclippings, etc.,
related to Axi for a book to be given to her mom!

Please arrive early if you want to see the video. A space will be
provided for reflection.

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