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The Stare

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Here’s some advice for all of you who frequent retail establishments: staring will get you nowhere. This is what makes record store employees angry.

This woman comes up to the desk today asking about an Andrew Lloyd Weber compilation. Is there a booklet? I look at the box and there is no indication of a booklet. Mind you, we have about a skillion Andrew Lloyd Weber collections. They take up at least two rows of our Broadway section. And she had to pick this one. This weirdo import cheapo thing with no real information on it. She starts with the staring. I pass it to my supervisor, he says the same thing. Nope, no booklet. More staring.

Both of us said, did you ask the woman in the Classical department (where we keep the Broadway section)? She would know better than we would. Miss Bug Eyes replied that she did and she sent her to us. Which is highly unlikely. She probably stared at the people in Classical until she set them on fire like Carrie.

Stare stare stare. It also did not help that English was not her primary language. She had this long sad face and big glasses and was dressed impeccably. And she was being trailed by these women who were 90 years old, who were like some sort of silent Greek chorus.

So then I pull up the Cheap O Andrew Lloyd Weber compilation up on one of our databases, and no further info. I point to the screen and say, Sorry, perhaps someone in Classical can recommend something else for you.

I don’t think she can.

Stare stare stare.

Bug Eyes was probably waiting for me to unwrap it, which I was not gonna do because there like 90 zillion other collections with the same exact songs on them, and she would likekly make me open all of them for her.

So I call back to the woman in Classical and explain the situation and whisper, “Please get rid of her.”

While I’m having this conversation with my back turned to her, my supe saw Bug Eyes making faces at me.

I guess rudeness is the international language of love.

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Music from the Summer of the Hanging Chad

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Julia Factorial always sends out the best e-mails for her DJ gigs. They are one of life’s tiny pleasures. She’s also a bigger Jonathan Richman fan than even me. Since I’ll be celebrating Andy The Boyfriend’s birthday, I’m passing this along to anyone who feels inclined, or just wants to read something nice:

hello all. some of you will recognize this as being a total rip off of
friendster/myspace messages but so be it. i am sick and nursing head wounds
so be that as it may…

bringing it back in full effect for this week, american handstand returns
on wednesday (and is now called, simply, RADIO ON!) to hand you a drink,
kiss your cheek and lead you on to the dancefloor with a selection of beats
that will somewhere make your mother cry.

orchestral indie rock! gutterpunk guitar plucking! music from the summer of
the hanging chad! ninth grade nostalgia (mine, not yours!) ! anything and
everything under the sun, in the kitchen sink, under your shirt.

NO MEMBERS OF INTERPOL! (they’re musicians, not djs)

NO PRODUCT ENDORSEMENT! (because youth culture shouldn’t be bought and sold
and thrown up all over you)

NO DRINK SPECIALS! (because the drinks are already cheap)

i’m looking at you. wink back.

this wednesday and every fucking wednesday at the 700 club. 10pm-2am FREE ALWAYS.


ps- some of you may have noticed i was not on the air on sunday. fear not, i
return this coming sunday to 103.3fm. 3-5PM tune in turn on drop out.

* * * * *
dj julia factorial drops needles & spins
wprb 103.3 fm sundays from 3-5pm
!RADIO ON! every wednes @ 700 club

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