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Thank You Sara, Thank You

All that thanking in the last post reminds me of Today’s Weirdest Customer. He’s a regular, a nice guy, and has some family hardships that he shares with me, and I try to be sympathetic. But I think someone dropped something large and heavy on his head in recent years.

He does this thing where he orders up a bunch of old gospel artists (Jordanaires, Five Blind Boys of Alabama) and Sam Cooke CD’s. His taste is pretty interesting. If he could keep a linear thought going for more than a minute I’d ask him about what he’s buying. But I don’t think he remembers. It’s kind of sad really. I order the stuff, he never comes to get it, and then comes back in and brings the same CD’s to the counter and says, “write this down so I can check and see if I have it.” Then he thanks me over and over again. Like 11 times. This happens over and over again.

Today he came in and we were chatting. He’s asking me about what I did for Easter. And I had to finally explain my mixed heritage and how my family just doesn’t do anything anymore. I hate having to explain this. It’s fine if you wish me Happy Easter. It’s fine if you wish me Happy Passover. I’m really tired of talking about it because I get into conversatons like this: he starts telling me about his Jewish and Italian family members, how they don’t get along, etc. And he makes a point of telling me about his Jewish aunts that he had to physically eject from his grandmother’s funeral because they weren’t showing respect, that it doesn’t matter that they’re Jewish. He had to repeat this stuff over and over again. I couldn’t tell if he was making some sort of point or something was stuck in his head.

All in all, I just wanted to hide. Pretty much 90 percent of my communication, in person and online, has been needlessly frustrating this week. Hiding would be a good idea. I can’t wait for Andy the Boyfriend’s birthday and hide in his company’s hotel in New York. Part of me doesn’t want to come back ever.

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