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I don’t have a problem with sex in rock criticism. In fact, I think most rock criticism could stand to be a little sexier.

What I do have a problem with is a poorly written and skeevy review by someone with a lot of power in the rock crit world, which is why he’s getting a free pass to Back Scratch World. Someone with less power would already have about 3 threads going on ILM already and inbox full of invective at

If you were a music critic honestly trying to make your way in the world by pitching to the King of Fuck Mountain, which Rolling Stone is, for all intents and purposes, would you want this guy to be your editor?

And if you’re just an average person who enjoys reading music criticism (if such a person actually exists), is this what you’d want to read? A really smart friend of mine just dismisses it as one middle-aged jerkoff writing about another.

As a middle-aged culture critic, I’ve been thinking about my own 80s nostalgia and fetishization too. And mainly, what I covet most from the John Hughes-era is the reveal, the sense of possiblity for the Andies and Duckies of the world, that freaks, geeks, fagz, and lesbos could find a place for themselves, even in the Reagan era. Now that we’re in Reagan II, we’re still waiting for the reveal, and it doesn’t seem like it’s coming any time soon. We are getting priced out, sold out, moved further and further to the margins while we fight with each other on the internet and in the streets.

I used to think men and women were essentially the same, just with different body parts. I used to have twice as many male friends as females. With a few exceptions, today, I can’t even fathom why I ever thought that to be true. The gender gap is yawningly large, and most men just yawn while wondering why no woman will touch them. In the past 24 hours on the internerd, I’ve seen men who are not rock stars engage in rock star behavior that is neither funny, interesting, or particularly smart. The double standard is in full force as the new reveal.

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Your Moment of Zen

Imagine holding smiling babies who look just like this, and then handing them right back.




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The Constant Wife

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Saw it last night at the Walnut Street Theater with Andy The Boyfriend. It was interesting on so many levels: the time that it was set in (1920s, the transition from the Victorian to the modern era), the ideas of feminism, marriage, fidelity, and how they play themselves out, then and now. Constance, the constant wife in question, ended up getting exactly what she wanted through coolheaded pragmatism and being the ultimate feminist, still working her way through the system, whch didn’t easily afford economic and and sexual independence for women. The costumes were amazing. My two fave fashion eras are 1920s flapper and ’60s mod, which have very similar sensibilities.

On a personal note, seeing Andy The Boyfriend dressed up makes my heart soar. He really knows how to wear a black jacket and pinstripe pants (which frequently happens in reverse on lots of men). He never dresses hipster, he just looks timeless and classy in a 1940s/50s sort of way. One of his neighbors referred to him as “a gator,” which is a high compliment at 4th and Girard. After six years, I still love greeting him when he’s dressed up (and not). In his smile, I feel like the woman in that famous WWII photo embracing her sailor husband coming home from the war.

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The Girl So Nice They Named Her Twice

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Penn’s paper of record momentarily redeems itself by talking to the Thursday night girls. Not a work of genius, but it’s a start. The author, unlike many Penn students, or most mainstream media outlets outside the GLBT community, actually treated them like humans and not a freak show, and allowed them to tell their stories.

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