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Waltzing With Moby

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Newsflash! The asexual Moby apparently makes Joe Levy want to drink Red Bull and fuck. That sentence alone makes me wonder if it was written by Rolling Stone’s frequent stroke material Britney Spears. But the thing that got me was Molly Ringwald-as-stripper. I don’t take issue with the countless dudes of a certain age and sensibility who probably share that fantasy, but in Levy’s sticky hands, it sounds like the review was written by Steph instead of Ducky. And in the bigger picture, Rolling Stone marginalizes or flat-out ignores the Molly Ringwalds of the music world, from the sausage party high atop its masthead to articles about Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan instead of women with actual guitars, making up for it once a year by jamming a bunch of disparate female artists into their annual apology, “Women Who Rock” issue.

One of the most interesting thing about 80s revisionist nostalgia in middle-aged male culture critics is the fetishization of women they would have ignored and then ogling the 22-year-old version of that fantasy, who has no history or baggage, only fashion. Grown-up Stephs who want to slum with barely legal nu wave girls have a multitude of outlets. The Voice is usually one of the few places, above ground, where we can hear from the Andies of the world.

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