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The Most Excellent Mix Ever

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Ryan, my gay male Philadelphia musical doppelganger, put these artists on a CD for me. He also spent one magical weekend seeing two riot grrrl bands with me recently: Tracy + The Plastics (too much art, no fun, no dancing) and Allison Wolfe’s new band Partyline (much fun and lots of pink, plenty of dancing, plus diva cordless mics, and serious politics with a smile).

I can’t wait for him to get back. With Ricky out of town, I’m doubly missing my gay boyfriends.

There’s no track listing, only artists:
Nancy and Frank Sinatra
Brigitte Bardot
Cibo Matto
The Amps
Pam & Jo
Goldie & The Gingerbreads
Dolly Parton
The Raincoats
Rose Melberg
The Avengers
Patience & Prudence
Dear Nora
Dolly Mixture
Melody Dog
Huggy Bear
Yoko Ono

When I have more time, I will write more about it, as well as my impressions of my Sleater-Kinney advance, acquired quite legitimately by Jimmy Draper, who was kind enough to give me his extra.

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Phoenix of Suck

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Dozens Busted for Underage Drinking
CENTER CITY-March 20, 2005 A Center City pub is no longer in business after police discovered teenagers attending a party on an upper floor that wasn’t approved by city officials to hold people.

The owner of Doc Watson’s Pub was arrested for allegedly serving alcohol to nearly a hundred underage teens Friday night.

Brianne Swanson was one of 88 young people charged with underage drinking but claims she did not imbibe.

In addition to being charged with serving alcohol to minors, police say the club owner violated a number of building safety codes.

A judge will decide whether the club should be closed permanently.

To answer 59 Cent’s question, we laid it on thick in Valania’s piece, because we didn’t want any more drama (believe me, I’m merely scratching the surface here and in the PW piece), and the previous owner was still there. Now that he’s gone and out of the city, and the ones before that out of the country, I feel it’s safe to speak. Keep in mind, Doc Watsons is located in the Bermuda triangle of the young and Center City drunks (Irish Pub, Moriarty’s, Locust Bar), and each sucessive owner (since the original owner sold it in the late 90s and Cindy the fondly-remembered mid 90s booker left) has run the place into the ground or made money as sleazily as possible, like this latest travesty.

But after letting out a big Simpsons “ha-haaaaaaaaaaa,” Doc Watson’s will have the last laugh. In one incarnation or another, it will rise again in the future, like a phoenix of suck.

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Karma is Real

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Ding-dong the witch is dead.

Maria and I worked for two years to try to make Doc Watsons fun, interesting, or at least, a tolerable place to see bands in Center City, to no avail.
They went through two sets of miserable management before finally ending up with this one, which allegedly physically assaulted a burlesque troupe. I’m convinced that the place is built on ancient Indian burial ground like the homes in Poltergeist. “You moved the headstones but you didn’t move the bodiiiiiiies!!!”

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Godfearing Myspace

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A message that I just got:
Hi Pretty
I just stumbled on your profile and was really impressed.I think we can trigger a life lasting encounter cos ur profile gives the perfect idea of the person i wish to be with.I would love to chat with u do u have a yahoo messenger mine is (…) add me to ur 2 u soon. CHEERS!!!

Granted, this response to Maria’s nu-wave photo of me is better than being asked if I have Bell’s Palsy. However, if I were single and interested in triggering a life lasting encounter with Mr. Myspace, the dealbreaker is the use of the word “GODfearing” in almost every word of his profile. And his two favorite movies were Taxi and The Passion of the Christ. And he misspells “poems.”

I mean, a playa’s gotta play and all, but this leads me to believe that dude did not read my profile, as there is nothing Godfearing in it. I even purposely list my religion as “Jewish” to scare off the horny Xtians, which shouldn’t be very hard anyway. Perhaps he wanted a God-unfearing fake redhead Jewish girl just to round out his collection of diverse myspace beauties.

Either way, I have no idea what to say to him.

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