What I Remember From Wednesday

March 18, 2005 at 9:13 pm 1 comment

<img src=”http://www.miliandtilduh.com/pitures/billyraycyrus.jpg&#8221;

Some highlights:

Cathy, the king of all drag kings, as Billy Ray Cyrus and one of the Temple of the Dog dudes. As the former, she looked part-hipster and part trashy 80s Northeast Philly dude, and as the latter, she could pass as a doorman for the Pontiac. Somehow, she brought all of these personas together, and that is the wonder that is Cathy.

Jimmi as the always-eating Carnie Wilson in Wilson Phillips, and Lance and Freddy’s catty drag as the anorexic sisters. He came out later as Nine Inch Nails and spanked Marni, who was a hysterical Linda Perry earlier in the show. Marni, I should add, has the best mommys in the company. Pixie was an adorable insane raver girl who interrupted “What’s Up” with a techno version.

Freddy, by the way, finally played a boy, his Jared Leto-esque character that he calls Mitchell. Mitchell appeared alongside Cathy in a very homoerotic rendition of Temple of the Dog, the way it was meant to be.

Scott, Amanda, and Trishy were very funny androgynous Hansons.

A Tibetan Monks into “Erotic” with Slavid as a cone-bra Madonna, eventually dueling with Carl as Courtney Love, which was amazing. I can’t describe it as well as these pics here.

Since I wasn’t in the regular show, I did Monica Lewinsky singing No Doubt’s “Just A Girl” with Cathy’s boyfriend James as Bill Clinton. Alternately punky and spazzy and girly and tease-y, though not as much as I would have if it were with Cathy in drag or one of the gay boys. I have too much girl loyalty to mess with someone else’s man and too much loyalty to my own man. I did feed him a McDonald’s french fry with my mouth, accidently almost put the lit end of a cigar in his mouth, and at the end, showed my flesh colored bra, which was by accident because I’d planned to show an elaborate red ruffly bra but accidentally left it at home. I realized that it looked like Janet from several rows back when Steve and Aaron bumrushed the “stage.” I also have the raunchiest mouth in the Dumpstas when it comes to sex (i.e. Mrs. Miller) but when it comes to showing flesh, I’m quite modest, so this was a big step for me.

Oh and the funnest part of the evening (f I had to pick just one) was watching Pixie’s boyfriend Brian (who usually does stage managing, door, and damn near everything else behind the scenes) perform with everyone for post-show and realizing he knew the songs and dance moves as well as or better than some of the people in the group (i.e. me). I love it when the Dumpsta boyfriends take the stage. I would like to see an all Dumpsta boyfriend review.

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  • 1. Pixiestix  |  March 19, 2005 at 12:17 am

    can you do me a party pooper favor, granted it’s only my legs {because it was just a pic of my legs and ricky’s doc’s}, but can you ask your friend to ask me before she posts pics of me on the internet? Thanks.

    You number was cool, It’s on tape, Brian took over for James for post show, so when Ricky gets back from finland, you should come to the video watch {even thought you weren’t in the main show} Oh, and the crowd went nuts when you threw off your wig!

    Ricky keeps saying Brian will make his stage debut eventually as tiny coletta’s sister {complete with jimmi voice!}, so we will see. I’d love to see him in a show, but maybe only once and a while, so that he can still maintain the stage managing.


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