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Alien, Chicken, Baby

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Yesterday was a good day. After going to the dentist, I got to see my nephews who are starting to look more like babies, and less like aliens. According to my mother, the stage of baby creepiness starts with alien, then chicken, and then finally baby. They are three months old. My sister has their feeding and sleeping schedules down to a science, which is good as she returns to work next week. She’s an amazing human being, my hero. Her babies are so beautiful. They were responding to the sound of my voice, smiling, interested in everything. What it’s like to see everything through their eyes for the first time?On the train ride home, I found an undisturbed box of Ferrero Rocher “fine hazelnut chocolates.” I’m eating them now. They are fine.

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Don’t Cry For Me 3 Doors Down

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Marcy Mays, the would-be hero to dentist office receptionists everywhere.

Again, anyone who thinks Y-100 and stations like it across the country are the only places to hear new music needs to get their heads out of their asses. Interpol did not need to do an interview to promote their show as it was already sold out! That station failed, like others in the country, because the programmers put their heads in the sand, and were reactive instead of proactive. While the paragraph below applies to the WMMR’s of the world (mixing classic rock with non-threatening new bands like 3 Doors Down), it could definitely apply to so-called modern rock stations. The fact of the matter is that corporate-controlled radio has just rendered itself obsolete and did nothing to stop it.

Mainstream rock has been hit the hardest: Album-oriented rock stations that rely on staples like Three Doors Down have seen listenership fall seventy percent since 1998. Meanwhile, stations that play harder bands like Godsmack and Alter Bridge haven’t developed a larger audience. The poor numbers have left programmers complaining about the quality of recent music. “Some good new bands are getting airplay,” says Dave Wellington, program director at Boston’s WBCN, a station that plays a mix of modern and classic rock. “But nothing has really emerged as the new grunge, a single style that creates a massive radio movement.”

WXPN on the other hand (and the whole concept of Adult Alternative), while evil, is very smart, realizing that the only people who listen to rock music loyally are aging baby boomers, and programs accordingly with the Norahs of the world.

Years ago, I used Scrawl’s version of “Public Image” as my outgoing message. It was from Nature Film, their swan song for Elektra, who dropped them soon after. The receptionist from my dentist’s office called to confirm my appointment and loved the song. She asked me who they were and what it was when I came in for my appointment. My dentist is in Cornwells Heights (a Philadelphia suburb best known for its proximity to bound Septa R7 line that goes to downtown Philly or up to Trenton to get to NYC). This is not the kind of woman who would listen to indie rock or know who PIL is (but I think could have been the right audience for Marcy Mays and co.). But my point is, people aren’t as stupid as you think they are. Music is like buying food for a party. They will eat whatever you put out, whether it’s Lay’s or caviar or anything in between. If it tastes good, they will come back.

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One More Reason To Hate Penn Kids

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Sonic Youth is an “underground punk band” that no one has heard of yet they played their Spring Fling in 1995. While their profile probably peaked at that time and hasn’t eactly grown in the past decade, there’s no reason for not having heard of them. I mean, you can read about them in Rolling Stone and Blender and other mags on a Penn student’s tiny radar. The frat boys will make Cat Power cry. I’m crying just thinking about it. And Citizen Cope will take up the John Mayer residence on the bill. I mean, I was clueless and retarded in college too, but I wasn’t arrogant about it. Then again, I went to Temple, and all I got was Meat Loaf at my Spring Fling.

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