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Service for Axi

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The service will be held at 7 PM Tuesday at at the Shambala Center at
2030 Sansom Street. There will be space durring or after the service
for people to remember her in their own way. Sing a song, do a dance,
read a poem. Some food will be provided, but feel free to bring more.


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I Think of You And Let It Go

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Isolation’s No Good

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I keep remembering that all she wants to do is love. I keep forgetting that she’s dying. I wear my surgical mask even though people tell me it doesn’t matter anymore. She’s so tired, it is so hard for her to talk through the oxygen mask. I want to smile at her but she can’t see or hear me through my surgical mask. I don’t know what to say so I just look into her eyes and tell her I love her. I hold her hand and massage her bruised arms. She introduces us to two other friends and then falls in and out of sleep. Her hair is growing back. I want to touch it because it looks soft like a baby chick but I don’t know if it’s okay. Only her mother should touch her head. Her Mom is very matter of fact about things. It’s not a good day for her. They gave her medicine to sleep better but now she can’t stay awake. The nurse comes in to give her something that looks like a pipe. She has to take the oxgen mask off to inhale something from it. Her mother helps her. She fusses a bit. “I don’t like it when you…” We’re happy because fussing still means life. She sits bolt upright and says “Isolation’s no good….I love all of you….but I need to sleep.” I tell her I’ll be back tomorrow.

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Three Sane Things About Bright Eyes

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Since he’s in town this week, there will be lots of slobbery features on him that are chasing the drooling new Dylan features in big fat magazines who continue to advance the Great Man Theories. One of my colleagues actually asked me if I was “a believer.”

If you get disgusted, refer to these three:

Keef is free not to hate–or use hyperbole

Bright Eyes and Robert Smith and Elvis Costello- scroll down to 1/19.

Jessica just asks why.

Or whatever Amy Phillips says.

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One Good Thing About Winter

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Putting snow booties on my housemates’ terrier, who looks like a scrappier version of the doggie pictured here. That might have been the best thing I did all day, or perhaps all year. Poor, sweet thing. When I get real pics of her, I’ll post them.

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Whither Friendster?

“The service was growing faster than we could keep up with, so we spent all this time making sure the service was stable,” said the former employee, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “A lot of people were frustrated because we weren’t rolling out a lot of features but instead working on infrastructure.”

The irony is that Friendster’s infrastructure was probably what drove lots of people away. How many messages has that thing eaten?

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And Another

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