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I’m So Excited


FRI 10/29
At Tritone (1508 South Street)
9PM, 21+, 5$ (FREE with Le Tigre Ticket Stub!)


In our second installation of our event, some of the city’s best rock-and-roll female DJ’s will dig into the crates to raise money for Axi Nue (Red Skate Red, Broken Hipsters, Dumpsta Players) currently undergoing treatment for lymphoma.

Featuring (In Order of Appearance):

Maria T (WPRB, Plain Parade)
Julia Factorial (WPRB, Homos Outta The Hacienda)
Miss Meow (Motherfucking Clash, DJ 101)
DJ Pussy Galore (Electro-Current, Sex Dwarf)
Stacie George (Disorder, Khyber)
DJ Trishylicious (Bad Reputation)
Evil Mlle. Memphis (Songs About Fucking)
DJ Silvia (La Chica Ye Ye, direct from Gijon, Spain)
Darshana and Chetana (Bombay to Brazil, Return of the Last Love)

Red Skate Red is also playing here.


October 29, 2004 at 4:54 pm 2 comments

Do You Have Any Tickets To The Inside of My Brain?


Boys and girls, today’s lesson is called: Behind the stage. In case you’re wondering, this is what Behind The Stage looks like.

The Powerhouse tickets nightmare continues. I had to repeat this phrase 100 times to people.

Behind the stage.

Yes, that’s all we have.

No, you can’t get better ones anywhere else.

Your seats are here. The stage faces that way. You are here. You. Stage. You. Stage.

One of my most confused customers not only couldn’t grasp any of these concepts but it took me 20 minutes to talk to her about a neo-soul compilation that was playing.

So there’s lots of different people on it?

Are they all black?

How do you know?

Today I decided that these people are pretending to be that stupid. I think once they get out the door, they really talk like NPR hosts.

October 27, 2004 at 11:03 pm 3 comments

Post to GirlGroup about Ashlee


The whole Ashleegate thing reminded me of that Kids in the Hall sketch with Scott Thompson as the pop Svengali and Bruce McCulloch as the pop tart in question, “Tammy.” They were having a press conference and she was lipsyncing his answers and when people caught on, I think she just jumped up and said “Dance!” and started doing one of her songs.

By the way, I find both Ashlee and Wolf Eyes painful for different reasons. And I’ve loved questionably talented prefabs over the years like The Monkees, Nancy Sinatra, and countless women in the early 80s who wore polka dot dresses and fingerless gloves on their album covers.

Not included in my post: the first record I ever bought was Kim Wilde’s “Kids in America.”

October 26, 2004 at 9:39 pm 2 comments

Jerk of My Dreams


Jerk Jerkinelli is like Beetlejuice or Candyman. You can’t utter his name or he will show up. Last night I had a dream about him. I found out he was in The Mob by reading the Daily News and seeing pics of him with the mob wives (and their fabulous eye wear and lipliner) at fancy restaurants. He was telling me, in his thick Philadelphia patois, “Yeah, Seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeriiiih. I use another last name. Sometimes it’s Breeeeeeeeeeeeeeewn.”

And wouldn’t you know it? He showed up today at lunch hour, which was good because I’m too busy to talk to him. He was all out of breath. Why? Jerk doesn’t have a job. He goes home, plays his Weather Channel music on his 100 expensive guitars, plays more prog rock CDs, watches prog rock DVD’s, and then calls me up on the phone and talks to me for 11 hours a day. He does this thing. I think he has OCD. He has to check everything 100 times. Someone does an order for him and then he has to come to me to make sure that the person definitely put it in his file, and then he goes home and calls me to make sure. One new release week later. Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

New Releases that came out today: Michael McDonald (the Otis Redding of the Casual Friday set) put out Volume 2 of his Motown warblings. Shithead and Craphead (as my co-worker calls them) put out more duets about how much money and teenage girls they have to pee on. Some horrible TV show that you will only hear mentioned by a C-list comic on VH-1 is out on DVD. All half season of it.

I was reading in the employee lounge that James Earl Jones is doing the Broadway version of On Golden Pond. Can you just picture him saying in his trademark boom, “Wanna suck face? Thank you for using Veriiiiiizon. Luuuke, I am your faaaaaaaather. This is Ceeeeeee Ennnnn Ennnnn.”

Okay, I’m glad I’m cracking myself up here. Don’t forget to tip your bartenders.

October 26, 2004 at 9:04 pm 4 comments

Plain Parade’s New Booking Policy

Maria and I have been swamped lately and our e-mail has been giving us trouble, so it was nice of the kids at Celebri-delphia to help us out by alerting potential PP performers about our new booking policies. Plain Parade has yet to fill some intern spots. You’re hired. Wanna help us put up fliers?

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No More Peel Sessions


Image from here

“He unearthed different sounds and people and made them accessible and popular… he was a genuine one off – and a warm and decent human being too.”

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Anonymous Celeb Blogs Are The New Cherry Coke

Frankly, it wouldn’t surpise me if Sweeney was doing both of these blogs just for the fuck of it. But the Townhall reference completely disproves that theory.

October 25, 2004 at 11:25 pm Leave a comment

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