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Jerk Jerkinelli Pt. 2

Jerk Jerkinelli said the most fantastic thing to me today on the phone. He actually thinks he’s “doing me a favor,” by talking my ear off because it keeps me away from the “riff raff” who don’t have his enlightened taste in music. Remember this is said by somebody with the worst Philadelphia accent ever, which makes your IQ appear dumber by 1000 points. Just then the other line rang. Oops. Sorry Jerk, gotta go!

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Philly Pride Pics

Ricky’s and John’s photos, and a recap…

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Bidirectional Integrity

This is what my friend Joe was talking about when he was talking about the bidirectional integrity of Christian Street, an oxymoron if there ever was one. The things you find when cleaning out your inbox:

>>>The rich assholes from Queen Village want to turn Christian Street into a
one-way eastbound street from 6th to Delaware Ave… essentially cutting off
access to QV and BV except for the already messy Washington Avenue. You know
what, if you want a fucking gated community, move back to the suburbs with
designer dogs, you asshats…

>>>I got this flyer in my mail slot last night… I plan on attending…

>>>Attention fellow Queen Village neighbors: This concerns YOU!

>>>The Queen Village Neighbors Association has approved a plan to make
Street ONE WAY — eastbound from Sixth St. to Columbus Blvd. This plan was
presented for a vote (via town meetings or any other means) to the community
a whole, and it should be!

>>>This will increase traffic on all north-bound streets, further clog
Ave., AND make Catharine Street the only contiguous westbound street between
Lombard St. and Washington Ave. There are other ways to remedy the traffic

>>>PLEASE come and voice your concerns at the June membership meeting (it
>>>may be
your last chance): Thursday, June 17, 7:30 pm at St. Philip Neri church, 218
Queen St

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Who Invented Typical Girls?

I can’t believe I just lost an entry again. Forgot to hit Save before Preview. That’s a metaphor!

Anyway, Andy the Boyfriend has requested a link that best represents him. If I knew how to properly put photos on this site, I’d get a pic of his smiling face, a calming image in a tumultuous world, or at least mine. So for now, I link to people’s pages and photos on websites. If you aren’t represented by a URL on here, don’t take it personally, it’s just my lack of blog skills right now. I put links up for the unfamiliar to understand who/what I’m talking about.

June 27, 2004 at 7:26 pm 3 comments

Get Off The Internet

I’m feeling that today, stronger than ever. The internet is often an excuse for people to take out their insecurities on someone else, cruelly and often anonymously. I want to be held accountable for my opinions, even the stupid ones, so I use my real name. The internet doesn’t welcome directness like that.

My interview with Eleanor from The Fiery Furnaces went surpisingly well. She was very nice and a tad shy. Now I have to listen to the tape of my loud, fast-talking 12-year-old boy voice.

Was talking to another writer on IM today and he says that he likes ideas and tunes better than bands. This came about because I said that (despite our unfortunate past) I actually missed a person like Jill MacDowell because she would have been excited about Plain Parade, and people don’t seem so excited about seeing bands anymore. The last time I saw her at a show, she was standing right up front and watching and listening. There just aren’t those people around anymore who really like going to shows. It’s weird.

If anyone’s wondering, yeah, I’m trying to be nice.

Speaking off shows, I’m off to see this

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Even More Calls from The Public

A call taken from a co-worker. No lie.

How long does it take to turn a CD into a tape?

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Rock Tits Playlist

I had only 20 minutes to DJ and it was the second to the last Rock Tits ever, so this was my short sweet tribute to the men of Hot Dude Vinyl Action:

Judas Priest – “Breakin The Law”
Pat Benatar – “You Better Run”
Times Square soundtrack – “Your Daughter Is One”
Runaways – “Cherry Bomb
Nick Gilder – “Hot Child In The City”
Sweet – “Fox on the Run”
The Ramones – “I Want You Around”

The highlight of the evening was Sharkey’s (from Clockcleaner) “set,” which consisted of Richard Pryor and Don Rickles records. He propped up the Rickles record against one of the turntables and when he’d make a joke, he’d point to the crowd and motion for applause.

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Lost Weekend

Andy The Boyfriend and I took off for New York City on Sunday afternoon for two free nights at the Four Seasons on the Upper West Side, home of gorgeous expensive designer clothes worn by women walking tiny dogs. Honestly, I wouldn’t have cared if it was a Motel Six. It was just good to spend a weekend away from roommates and yappy dogs and work and various everyday blah. I wish Andy and I had more time to spend together because he is always the funnest person to be around, even if it’s just sitting and drinking in a hotel room watching Spongebob. We did venture out into Chinatown and The East Village, take funny pictures of each other, and bar hop during Happy Hour, which involved the CBGB’s Gallery (the real CB’s wasn’t open) and a pitcher of sangria in a restaurant that had a garden and a little lounge surrounded by stained glass. Not that I need to be joined at the hip or anything, but it was days like today that it was hard to say goodbye to Andy, as we went back to our respective homes and neighborhoods. (He moved in with our friend Scott at 4th and Girard).

Now I am off to spin at Rock Tits. I can’t wait to play my Judas Priest record.

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Boy/Girlfriend Land: It’s allowable if this is his/her first relationship in a significant amount of time of not getting laid or having a string of bad luck. For the first six months, or even a year, it’s natural to be so excited by your new boyfriend or girlfriend that you might coccoon for a while, especially if you were the kind of person that was out doing crazy things all the time. When this behavior gets unbearable is when you are the one keeping the friendship alive. You do all the planning, calling, etc.. At the worst, it’s the whole falling off the face of the Earth that creeps me out.

I’ve had three relationships of significance that were never like that, and the insignificent ones didn’t last because they were threatened that I still cared about my other life.

My guy friends are the worst offenders of Significant Other Exile, but I’ve had female friends ditch me for dick as well. One of them was someone who used to call me up when she was having boy problems and then as soon as she found said boy, she ditched me, moved in with said boy, and by the time the wedding happened I wasn’t suprised to not be invited.

Guess how many calls and e-mails I got while I was away? Zero.

My Misery: What I wrote about in Middle Aged Dreaming are thoughts that swirl around in my head, but don’t worry about me. What’s different between this crisis and the one from 97-99 is that I know how to fake functionality in everyday life. I suck up a lot more than I used to. Like Liz Phair says, I’m just an average everyday sane psycho.

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More Strange Dreams

–Dreamt that Discovery Discs was open again, complete with Tony and Catherine running the place. Everything was as it was in 1996, except there was no listening bar anymore. I bought the Electrelane record and Tony gave me a slot machine-sized pile of quarters for no apparent reason. Kabir, this cute, lively kid who worked there with me back in the day (94-96), called me up and wanted to see me. I don’t know why. Today he’s probably running his own corporation or a small country, for all I know.

–The more disturbing dream: I finally had my own house and The Pearly Gates came over and trashed it. I didn’t actually see them in action. I was out and came back and was told that it was them. What the hell, Valania?!

Last night I saw Thee Minks and The Downbeat 5, and the ladies in those bands are my heroes. If I could sing and play my guts out like that, it would be so cathartic. I’d be so happy. What a concept.

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